Crime, action, and comedy are India’s three most popular web series genres. Not because they are made in large numbers but because they are loved by a major chunk of audiences.

Four out of five of my Indian web series reviews are of shows from the Crime genre. Interestingly, not only are they popular, but they enjoy critical success as well.

In this backdrop, something like Half Pants Full Pants becomes significant. It is a new Indian web series that was released on 16th December 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

More than anything, the show is innocent in nature. Directed by V.K Prakash, Half Pants Full Pants is based on the novel by the same name written by Anand Suspi.

It stars Ashwanth Kumar (Anand), Ashish Vidyarthi (Subbarao), Sonali Kulkarni (Padma), Vansh Keserkar (Giddi), Kartik Vijian (Sriram), Prakarsh Gupta (Vaishak), and Adivya Gupta (Ashwini), among others, primarily adorable kids.

What is the synopsis of Half Pants Full Pants series?

The show revolves around a primary school kid’s innocent misadventures. Called Dabba by his friends, Anand is a notorious child who wants to try different things every day.

From Bruce Lee’s Karate to Sampath Orchestra’s drumming, he explores all things possible in the India of the 1980s.

Now, I will take you to my Half Pants Full Pants review.

What works for the Amazon Prime series?

The show has an innocent plot. It is so pure that you feel sanctified while watching the story unfold. Half Pants Full Pants comes as a welcome rescue in the hubbub of hatred of the modern-day world.

Initially, it took me time to adjust to the childish calmness of the series. That’s how far I have been from naiveness. The story quietly sets in a peaceful village and takes you to the exciting ventures of Dabba.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

High on affable vibes, Half Pants Full Pants has a short length. Though it would help you finish the series quickly, you might want it to continue for longer.

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Also, the ending is wholesome and ameliorating. There’s a shortcoming that I will discuss in the latter part of my review.

How are the performances?

The series is led by Ashwanth Kumar, an eleven-year-old kid. Though his cuteness and congeniality were enough to keep you glued to Half Pants Full Pants, Ashwanth mesmerizes you with a superb performance.

How he handles the natural instinct in front of the camera is quite a mystery to me. Moreover, blending it with the plot’s demand is brilliantly aced by the child actor.

Aswanth’s smile, dialogue delivery, composure, and innocence are only some of the swooning features of his outing as Dabba.

Ashish Vidyarthi, the veteran actor, meticulously restricts himself to a strict yet calm Indian father from the twentieth century.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

He guides the plot and makes way for the young Aswanth to continue playing his part. Vidyarthi’s towering personality doesn’t dent the coziness of Half Pants Full Pants.

Sonali Kulkarni, as Padma, plays a typical mother, mindful of her family’s state of affairs. She is sweet and zealous in her act.

Vansh Keserkar portrays Giddi in Half Pants Full Pants. The kid is witty, sharp, and agile, ensuring a winsome outcome. You’d love his virtuous demeanor that the child masters throughout the series.

All the other kids appearing in Half Pants Full Pants are phenomenal. Had their delightful presence not been a part of the show, it would have failed to sail gradually.

What Goes off for Half Pants Full Pants?

The middle part lacks conviction and seems a little lost. Maybe, that was a by-product of childishness.

Moreover, I didn’t like the ending that hints toward a possible second season. Instead, the makers could have added more length to the first season itself, which runs for a little over three hours.

Also, if there was ever an envious angle to be imbibed in the story, it should have been done at an earlier stage. In the present form, jealousy looks forced upon the concerned character.

Should you watch Half Pants Full Pants?

Go ahead if you haven’t already (because I am late by over a week). The show is calming and soothing.

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