Heartstopper Netflix Series: Best Moments from the Show (PART 2)

The diverse and inclusive nature of love has brought me back to writing about Heartstopper, streaming on Netflix. Since you are reading this, I am pretty sure you have gone through the first part of this blog, outlining the best moments from Heartstopper.

As promised previously, I have come back with more moments and enticing scenes from the Netflix show. If you have anything else to recommend, feel free to drop a comment. 

Charlie Running Outside in the Rain to Kiss Nick Again

Remember when Nick comes to meet Charlie at his house in the beginning of the third episode, and they soon share some intimate moments? Let me just give you a context of the same.


You probably know how bad Charlie feels after kissing Nick at Harry’s birthday party. Since he has a habit of blaming himself (like many of us), Charlie thinks Nick never wanted to kiss him willfully.

He wakes up late the following day and finds no texts from Nick, which furthers his overthinking. Moreover, Charlie is now having flashbacks about the previous night while brushing. It is precisely then that someone arrives at the door. 

Though her Mom thinks it’s the Postman, when Charlie opens the door, he finds Nick standing outside soaking in the rain. Both are ecstatic yet anxious, and that’s when the third episode bids adieu.

I never imagined the first thing Nick would do at the door would apologize for not texting Charlie. That was pretty cute, indeed. From there, a subtle romantic environment sets up. Both find it hard to utter words and have no clue what to say.

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The two then go to Charlie’s room and share a sweet kiss before a teary-eyed Nick sits on the bed to reflect over yesterday night. He is emotional and dejected while apologizing to Charlie. 

What’s It Gonna Be plays in the background as they hug; while Nick is sobbing, our charming Charlie offers him assurance and confidence. 

The Moment

Charlie hands Nick the umbrella as the latter prepares to exit his house. Their eyes lock, and Nelson leaves the premises. After a brief pause, Charlie puts on his shoes and runs outside. It is pouring heavily, but our dude is unaffected. He calls Nick from behind, and they meet again.

Nick asks Charlie if he has forgotten something, to which the latter replies saying ‘yes.’ He then looks around before planting a goodbye kiss on Nick’s lips. Well, that’s what he had forgotten. 

The entire setup was based on furthering their relationship. I liked it because that was the first time both were overtly involved with each other in terms of romance. Yes, they had had their first kiss already, but this was different. It completely pulled doubts and confusion out of Charlie’s head.

Charlie Learns How to Tackle in Rugby using Sandbags


On Nick’s suggestions, Charlie had joined their school’s rugby team earlier. However, his physique and defensive nature don’t allow him to become a proper player. Charlie is fearful and unconfident about tackling the opponent, which is one of the primary aspects of Rugby.

He receives taunts from other team members and also a lecture from his sports teacher, who wants Charlie to improve because she sees potential in him.

The Moment

So, the Truham boys have a Rugby match against St. John’s, a stronger team than them. And Charlie is sure to get a game; hence, he needs to learn how to tackle.

Makers play Heart in the background when Charlie starts practicing with sandbags of human height. There’s nothing unique in the scene, and any Rugby player would train like that. However, the lonely presence of Charlie combined with the lyrical sweetness of the song is pure gold.

A line in the song says, Don’t wanna waste love… don’t wanna hurt you. It’s like Charlie is taking the trouble of learning to tackle for Nick. If he fails, considering his overthinking nature, he will blame himself for disappointing his love.

And that is why I feel it was one of the best moments from Heartstopper.

Annoying Dance by Tao in front of Elle

Let me tell you this, I loved the chemistry between Tao and Elle. Friends falling in love is pretty cool, isn’t it?


So, Elle and Tao are pretty sure that Nelson is going out on a date with Imogen, but they are confused about whether to tell this to Charlie. Since Tao doesn’t like Nick, he feels it would be wrong to keep the information hidden from his friend.

However, Elle has a different point of view. Both discuss the merits and demerits of any action they take at Charlie’s house.

The Moment

Elle asks Tao to talk about something else in the middle of the argument. In return, the latter asks if he is not being entertaining enough for her. Elle says he is being annoying more than entertaining. And then begins the ‘interpretive dance’ by King Tao. He is pure, quirky, and, as he calls it, ‘erotic’ with his moves. 

What Elle meant when she said let’s talk about something else is that she wanted the discussion to be around their friendship. Maybe, she wished to know if Tao reciprocated the feelings she was starting to have for him.

Tao’s dance moves created a moment of unadulterated friendship and bliss. We all have done that at some stage in life (at least, I have), which makes the scene relatable and emotional at the same time. Moreover, I loved seeing them together in Heartstopper. 

Charlie and Nick’s Birthday Conversation Ending in a Kiss


Charlie invites Nick to his birthday celebrations at a Gaming Arcade. The list of people also includes the obvious three in his life, Elle, Tao, and Isaac. Since Tao doesn’t like Nelson, he feels his presence as a precursor to the end of their friend circle.

Taking a break after trying their hands at Bowling, Charlie goes to the washroom, and Tao follows him. The latter then reveals to Charlie that Nick is dating Imogen, after which Charlie is confused and tensed.

Moreover, Nick overhears them and feels guilty about hiding things from his unofficial boyfriend. After they get back to the bowling alley, Tao gives an earful to Nelson, doing the job of a ‘good friend.’

The Moment

Tao and Elle go for the dance machine, and Isaac is busy with his phone, leaving Charlie and Nick to themselves. That’s when Nelson finally presents his side of the story regarding the date with Imogen to Charlie and promises to make things right with her.

The honesty with which Nelson expresses his version is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

Towards the end of the conversation, Nick says it would have been better had he met Charlie at a younger age. He then puts forward Charlie’s birthday present, a framed photograph of him, Charlie, and Nellie from their snowfall day.

Both get emotional, and Nelson tells Charlie how much he likes him. A brief, romantic pause ensues, after which Nick expresses a desire to kiss him. Charlie, again thinking of it being a forced instinct, says that’s not necessary, but Nelson is sure of what he is doing. 

Paper Mache World plays in the background, and they proceed to share a kiss. The moment is wholesome and more mature this time as the love birds understand what they are up to. The song adds to the romance and makes it one of the best moments from Heartstopper.

Nick’s Self-realization Moment With Imogen 

When was the last time you opened up to someone? Like expressing your inner self to ensure the other person doesn’t feel bad? Well, Nick does that with Imogen towards the end of the fifth episode.


As mentioned earlier, Nick promises Charlie to make things right with Imogen, who thinks Nelson romantically likes him. Like many of us, Nick also doesn’t know how to say ‘no.’ However, he has to do it, and he plans a meeting with Imogen to clear the misunderstanding.

The Moment

Nick brings Nellie to the meeting to lighten the serious discussion. They sit on a bench located strategically on the sideways of a road sandwiched between two parks. It has a scenic beauty to it, adding a panoramic touch.

Firstly, Nelson apologizes to her for not meeting yesterday night. Then he cautiously explains why he doesn’t fit in a relationship with her or in the friend circle he’s presently in.

While explaining several aspects of how social norms or other people want you to look from the outset, in some manner, Nick explores himself. 

Though he leads the conversation as the speaker, he is also a listener of his inner voice. And that’s what I loved the most about this particular moment from Heartstopper.  

Nick’s Movie Night with Mom

Can you watch a full-fledged LGBTQ movie with your family? Not yet, I guess. We haven’t reached that point.


Like it happens in most households, Nick and his Mom sit for a movie night and are pondering what to watch. Concurrently, Nelson is searching for the ‘best LGBT movies’ on his phone.

The Moment

Google search returns results like Pride, But I’m a Cheerleader, Moonlight, Brokeback Mountain, etc., but Nick is hesitant to put the suggestions up to her mother. She recommends Mamma Mia and Pirates of the Caribbean, and they eventually settle for the latter.

There’s nothing unique about this, but I genuinely don’t understand why cannot someone who is not gay watch a queer film, according to some social pundits. Our inclinations don’t change overnight; our feelings don’t change at the drop of a hat. 

Our sexual attractions won’t alter by watching diverse love stories. Come on, open your hearts, parents. Acceptance is the way forward.

I understand your family might be open and liberal, so don’t take it personally.

Tao and Elle Landscape moment

I will be honest; I didn’t know that landscapes do not have people in them. So, thanks for that to King Tao and Queen Elle. 


Tao and Charlie apologize to each other in the middle of their Sports Day. They hug and are back in friendship mode. Before leaving, Tao tells him he and Elle are going to explore her old classrooms. The two amigos then dash across the corridors peeking inside the study halls.

Elle has feelings for Tao, but she is unsure if they are mutual. And I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it is to be in one-sided love. But that’s a different thing. So, the two are in the Arts room of their school, sitting beside each other at the table.

The Moment

One of the paintings by Elle is hanging on the wall. It took almost four months to finish. After musing over the piece of art, she asks Tao if he’s doing landscapes this year. He nods in return and tells Elle that his painting is on the drying rack.

She goes and has a look at the painting. When Tao asks how bad is it, she reluctantly says that it’s good; however, the presence of people makes it void of being called a landscape.

Both then sprawl on the table and have a hearty conversation, but the unromantic Tao is yet to accept Elle as more than a friend. Obviously, he doesn’t say that to her, but you can derive that through his expressions and nature.

Gradually, maybe, in the second season of Heartstopper, they will be one of the official lovebirds.

All the Couples

Through Nick and Charlie, Tara and Darcy, and Elle and Tao (yeah, I would count them), Heartstopper beautifully shows teen love. All three have their moments and are vehemently involved with each other. It is they who make Heartstopper a buzzing show on Netflix. 


I am damn sure there are several other moments out there in the series that I might have missed. However, I will be mindful of them and update this blog once you leave your suggestions in the comments section.

A movie, series, or any other work of art you want to recommend, feel free to drop a comment. Till we meet again, indulge in love and deregister hatred from society. Cheers!

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