Sometimes, I wonder whether ratings and reviews really affect a film or show’s success. The more I think about it, the more I want to emphasize the importance of welcoming reviews only as opinions. Read everything but take home what really matters.

Don’t entirely rely on the catchy headline we write at times, focus on the content because no creation is ever wholly bad. This is precisely why I segment my review into two major halves: what works (the positives) and what doesn’t (the negatives).

Moving forward and talking about the show at hand, today I am reviewing Jungle, an Amazon Original series. It had released a week ago, and I owe my audience an apology for being late to review the show that has six episodes and lasts for a tad over 4.5 hours.

The show originates from the United Kingdom and aims to bring a never seen before crime drama out of the clutches of the rap culture. My Jungle (2022) review will help you find whether it delivers on its promises or not. Keep reading.

Jungle Review Summary

A kindling narration and provocative storyline are at the heart of Jungle, making it attractive and luring for the entire duration.

Jungle Synopsis

Jungle unravels the story of two individuals who face the consequences of poverty, identity discrimination, and their actions. Both try to better themselves, but the heartbreaking reality becomes an obstacle.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Directed by Junior Okoli, Jungle stars Ezra Elliott (Gogo), RA (Slim), Poundz (Marcus), Seyi Andes-Pelumi (Danial), Amaria Bb (Bianca), and K Koke (Stacks) in lead roles.

What Works for Jungle?

Ample Intrigue

The series is quite dark and offers a great deal of fascination, primarily due to the well-knit storyline. You will like the idea and feel compelled to finish Jungle in one sitting. It has a crime fiasco propelling a domino effect. Moreover, there are no cat-and-mouse quarrels between cops and criminals, thereby avoiding banality.

Jungle never feels dull, boring, or over the top. Everything remains under control for the series, be it the conversations or explosive build-ups.


The crime drama comes with an entangled tale that’s curated to perfection. Finding loopholes is tough in Jungle which rides on the efficacy of emotions and human psychology. It interlinks the characters, aces the connections, and allows the story to go deep.


Jungle has a deep, provocative, and effective narration taking you through life’s hurdles. The intonations of the background narrator are intense. He sounds like a fatherly figure but admits to mistakes and bases the story around his flaws.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Furthermore, the series as a whole has a sketch that’s more of a learning curve that’s not pretentious. A subtle blend of fear and anxiety keeps the voyage relatable in Jungle.


I have to appreciate the novelty in Jungle’s dialogue manifestation. The last time I saw characters of a film interacting through miniature songs was way back in Jagga Jasoos. A reason you can attribute to such an experiment is that most of the Jungle actors are rappers in real life. Therefore, rhythmic dialogues sound qualitative and engaging.

As happened with Jagga Jasoos, there can be highly mixed and polarizing reactions from the audience regarding the rap-filled exchanges in Jungle.

Pace and Screenplay

The speed of Amazon Prime Video’s Jungle is ideal for a crime drama. It has a brisk run-up that levels up in the long run to produce a lively picturization. Additionally, when seen alongside the screenplay, things get further better for the series. You get interesting moments, spellbinding stimulations, and powerful visuals.


Initially, the responsibility to keep the high tempo lies with Ezra Elliott, who plays Gogo in Jungle. He is loud, fierce, and calm while portraying a pivotal character. Ezra’s trepidations make him vivid and startling in Jungle. At times, he is the helpless lad, while on other occasions, the actor strikes a chord with authority.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

RA, as Slim, is the antagonistic force everybody has to contend with. It is his unsettling mien that does the trick initially. You would quickly accept him as the villain. Also, the grand aura of RA in Jungle is somewhat scintillating.

Poundz plays Marcus and leads the second front after Ezra’s job is finished. You will like his hidden affable screen presence in Jungle. There are high chances Poundz will catch you off-guard; however, his performance will burst for good. He is relatable to the average young man facing financial distress and personal imbalances.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Seyi Andes-Pelumi is a kid playing Danial in Jungle. Surprisingly, he is naturally amusing as a youngster. When his character grows, Seyi finds solace in the usual dilemmas we all have faced once in our lives. Amaria Bb stars in Jungle as Bianca. She is honest and upright, with a heavy focus on emotions. The audience can make several deductions from her staunch demeanor.

K Koke as Stacks shines in a shady role. He leads the gang in Jungle with turpitude and the required aggressiveness. I found his character a little half-cooked, but the actor managed to ace it without a blemish.

What Doesn’t Work for Jungle?

A Little Too Convoluted

Jungle can seem complex to some people due to its dark plot and layered presentation. Even I had difficulties understanding things when the transmission to the second story happened. If I had to suggest you, I would ask you to go with the flow and remain attentive because the devil is in the details.

Final Word

Jungle offers captivation through its storyline, and that’s what matters in crime dramas. Moreover, its multifaceted approach is an attention grabber. Go for it.

The following section might contain spoilers.


Was Slim the father of Danial and Marcus?

Well, partially, yes. Slim is the father of Danial, at least because there’s a scene in Jungle when Marcus and Danial are in conversation, and the former uses ‘my’ instead of ‘our’ to talk about his mom and dad. But then there are also times when he speaks using contrasting words.

On the other hand, the fact that Danial is Slim’s son is a surety. It is because when Mrs. Palmer takes him to his new home, she tells him how lucky the kid is that his dad still wants him after so many years. Also, while talking to Danial about his mother, Slim sounds remorseful and indicates to the audience why he is the Dad.

Who is the narrator in Jungle?

Marcus (Poundz) is the narrator in Jungle.

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