Man on Pause Review Netflix: Not Your Usual Turkish Show with Nudges of Entertainment, Thrill, and Suspense

Turkey is very consistent in bringing its style of storytelling to Netflix. Mostly, the shows and films from the country are quiet and calm, with, obviously, a unique storyline. My last Turkish film was The Festival of Troubadours, now over a month old.

However, when there is Netflix, rest assured of accessing global content with zero hiccups. Man on Pause is a new Turkish show that began streaming this week on Netflix. From the outset, it is an off-beat drama with a decent touch of comedy.

Man on Pause has six episodes lasting for almost 4.5 hours. So, if you are planning to watch it or have already done that, here’s my Man on Pause review, where I discuss its pros and cons.

Man on Pause Review Summary

With a promising concept, the initial half of Man on Pause is exciting and entertaining. It is the onset of thrill and suspense that pushes the series off-track.

Keep reading my Man on Pause review as I analyze many of the show’s aspects.

Man on Pause Synopsis

Yusuf, a man in his 50s, realizes why change is the way forward for him. As he takes steps to bring the thought into practice, a slew of quirky problems hit his family. Man on Pause is a Turkish show now streaming on Netflix.

Directed by Yagmur Taylan and Durul Taulan, it stars Engin Gunaydin (Yusuf), Tamer Karadagli (Halit), Derya Karadas (Meryem), Turgut Tuncalp (Mahmut), Gulcin Santircioglu (Sahinde), Sebnem Hassanisoughi (Fadime), Doga Zeynep Doguslu (Akya), and Ergin Torun (Velihan), among others.

What Works for Man on Pause?


Accepting changes after a particular age is not easy, and Man on Pause targets this exact premise, though in a different way. It adds humor, warmth, and then intrigue to twist things. While initially, the show appears genial, the latter half ups the ante on thrill and mystery.

Unpretentious Storyline

The story of Man on Pause can be divided into two parts, i.e., the first three episodes and the last three episodes. Here, I am talking about the former group that is simple and sweet, laced with heartwarming moments. The makers succeed in staying grounded and stimulating you with the customary Turkish vibes.


Man on Pause is filled with good and healthy humor, though some jokes feel lame. Mostly, it is due to the actors who take the onus on their shoulders and entertain you with their actions. But that doesn’t mean the writing has no role to play. You will carry a smile throughout the first half of the series.


Engin Gunaydin plays the central character of Yusuf in Man on Pause and rightly delivers a complete performance. His funny comportment ensures the show appears lively from the first episode. Moreover, the actor uses his facial expressions to allure the audience further.

Tamer Karadagli as Halit is the positive peculiarity every funny presentation needs. Intensity, loudness, and a heavy bearing of shade set him apart in Man on Pause. You will find Karadagli full of layers. In one frame, he can be a badass, and in the very next, he is full of repentance. Such delicate demonstrations aren’t easy to pull off, and that’s why I emphasize Tamer Karadagli’s adeptness.

Derya Karadas is tremendously calm and composed in Man on Pause. Yes, anxiety is a trait she possesses as Meryem, but her quietude is more powerful. She stays there and holds her place in the realm of things despite the presence of blaring elements in the series.

Turgut Tuncalp as Mahmut might end up surprising you. He has an overpowering and dominating mien through which he effectively raises the bar of Man on Pause. On the other hand, Gulcin Santircioglu is Sahinde in this Turkish series. She fiercely takes the screen by storm with a crankily pitched character. You would like their encounters, representing an incompatible couple.

Ergin Torun plays Velihan, and he is probably one of the best parts of the series. The endearing personality he brings along is affable and pious when looked at together with his naïvely mature character. I liked his screen presence a lot in Man on Pause.

What Doesn’t Work for Man on Pause?

Misplaced Timeline

Okay, so this is quite strange, and don’t consider it a spoiler. I am duty-bound to write about this blatant error in Man on Pause. In the fourth episode, the show takes a one-month leap forward, which is absolutely fine.

However, it then connects us to a scene from the previous episode that could not have happened after a month. In other words, they make the past the present while pretending it to be the future.

It is like creating an alphabetical puzzle and then, while solving it, placing D after A instead of C.

Pretentious Screenplay

The screenplay of Man on Pause is flashy, which was not needed. Everything went fine till the story stayed grounded and natural. However, suddenly, the makers try to intrigue you via ostentatious means and end up losing the grip.

They create timelines, try to make the show convoluted, and add a touch of suspense. In all honesty, I feel they needed to be more intricate if that was their objective. Some scenes just seem out of place and take Man on Pause off-track.

Final Word

Not without issues, Man on Pause is a watchable series precisely because it tries to bring newness to how the usual Turkish shows are narrated.


Is Man on Pause a true story?

No, Man on Pause is not a true story, according the official information on Netflix.

What is Andropause?

In simple terms, Andropause is the reducing levels of testosterones in men after a particular age.

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