As an inhabitant of one of India’s oldest and most beautiful cities, I love the monsoon season in the City of Joy, which hosts Durga Puja with utmost pomp and splendor.

The rainy season is the period of extreme relief after the scorching heat of the dry summers. Often, it rains continuously for several days at a stretch.

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The sky is overcast with dark clouds, the surroundings are filled with greenery, and roads are overflowing with water. Mostly, it is pleasant weather with cool breezes blowing now and then.

Get your raincoats and umbrellas. Monsoon is going to enter the city anytime soon! This rainy season, experience the enchanting warmth and culture of Kolkata as it refreshes itself with regular spells of rain.

Are you wondering about some thrilling activities you can enjoy this monsoon in the City of Joy? Make the most of the rainy season as I enlist some fantastic things you can do during the monsoon season in Kolkata.

Get Wet In The Rain

There can be no better way of experiencing the monsoon in Kolkata to the fullest than getting drenched in the rain. Experience the beauty of nature and get thrilled at the surprises it offers you. Jumping in puddles and making huge splashes sound fun, right?

Sail Paper Boats

One of my favorite childhood activities is making paper boats, and I would definitely do it again this monsoon. After all, we must never let the child in us die, isn’t it?

Since Kolkata is filled with potholes, now is the time to utilize them, make paper boats, and sail them in the water-logged potholes.

Thus, you will enjoy the Kolkata monsoon essence without getting drenched in the rain. Of course, it will be more fun if you have younger siblings, cousins, or someone of the sort!

Feel the Earth

It is the perfect activity if you love the smell of the earth when it rains. You can take off your shoes and squish your toes into the soggy earth when it is not raining cats and dogs.

It works to improve sensory development. A great benefit, right? Do not forget to have a hose for cleaning the feet before putting on your shoes again!

Enjoy Pakodas

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Will it sound too dramatic if I say that the monsoon is the best season to enjoy munching pakodas or fritters? I think, no!

So, why not try out some pakodas while you cherish the rain in the City of Joy? Nothing can beat the “#MaaKeHaathKaPakoda”! Do you agree?

Capture Snaps

If you have a waterproof camera, consider taking beautiful rain pictures. Also, you can snap photos of your near and dear ones having the time of their life in the rain.

Get as creative as possible while taking pictures of things around you in Kolkata. However, do not take the risk of dealing with a wet and damaged camera!

Taste ‘Khichuri’

An ancient Indian comfort staple dish, Khichuri has a global influence. So, try this out when billowy thunder clouds roll in and soak everyone with relentless rains, and you are craving some warm and filling thing to eat.

Served with a dollop of ghee or clarified butter on top, sweet potato fries, dim bhaja, and spicy mango, it is heaven on earth!

If you are lucky enough, you can also have a hot crispy fried ilish maach! Lip-smacking, I bet!

Some Monsoon Spots to Visit in Kolkata

While waiting for the rains to pause to enjoy Kolkata’s monsoon sceneries, you can explore some attractive spots in the City of Joy during the monsoon.

So, pack your bags and get ready as I take you to my favorite monsoon spots in the city.

A Visit to Victoria Memorial Coupled With a Heritage Ride and Leisure Stroll Around Maidan

You should undoubtedly visit Victoria Memorial in the morning during the monsoon. The picturesque sight of the drenched white structure against a background of lush greenery and dark clouds is something I would never miss.

What’s more? The fascinating green Maidan ground enhances its beauty just opposite the monument. Another must-do activity is the heritage tram ride. I would also suggest you opt for the beautiful ‘tanga’ ride experience around the Maidan.

A Riverside Walk and a Boat Ride On the Hooghly River

Who does not love to visit Princep Ghat, situated along the Kolkata bank of river Hooghly? It has always been a favorite spot for photography and so much more!

It offers a splendid view of Vidyasagar Bridge in the background. You will never miss a leisure walk along the river bank while gorging on spicy street delicacies. Finally, go for a boat ride on the river.

A Trip to Eco-Tourism Park

The most recent and the most happening attraction of the city is Eco-Park which offers everything a tripper would probably seek!

You can go for a half-day trip by cycling or waterside strolling in the park, kayaking, ice skating, boating, paintball, nature walking, and the like.

It also consists of magnificent replicas of the seven wonders of the world. The lake inside the park contains an island housing lovely cottages and a restaurant named ‘Cafe Ekante.’

Taking a boat ride to the island and enjoying a sumptuous meal at the cafe with a super lake view is a great idea. You can also book a staycation in one of the cottages and enjoy the rain.

It costs INR 30 to enter the park. Do you know what is my favorite thing to do while I am visiting Eco Park? It is sitting by the lake with a cup of hot tea and munchies and chilling with friends while enjoying the sweet cool breezes.

After all, what counts the most in life is the little moments we spend with our close ones and the memories we make to cherish forever!

Rainy days in Kolkata can sometimes bring down your mood, especially if it is the sudden ‘Kalbaisakhi’ storm. However, you can try out some of these things to lift your spirits and genuinely enjoy the City of Joy!

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