Netflix describes Looop Lapeta as Mind-Bending, Offbeat, and Emotional. The genre it falls in is “Romantic Comedies”. Obviously, the question to ponder over is, “Is Looop Lapeta a good film?” or “Is Looop Lapeta an enjoyable Romantic Comedy?”

Well, I will come to that, but first, here is a summary for those in a rush.

Looop Lapeta Review Summary

In the true sense of the phrase, Looop Lapeta is a “roller-coaster ride”. It has elements of thrill, fun, and romance, all blended together to produce a fantastic outcome. Undoubtedly, it is a must-watch.

Now, let’s closely look at how the movie fares.

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Directed by Aakash Bhatia, Looop Lapeta stars Taapsee Pannu and Tahir Raj Bhasin in lead roles. Shreya Dhanwanthary makes a special appearance in the movie. The supporting cast of Looop Lapeta, too, has some notable names like Dibyendu Bhattacharya and Rajendra Chawla. 

The story revolves around the lead duo of Savi (Taapsee) and Satya (Tahir). They are broke but in love, and the film portrays one day of their life in the form of a loop. Satya loses valuable cash belonging to a gangster and consequently puts his life in danger. 

Now, Savi has to run against time to save his life. Will or will she not be able to do that is all that the movie’s run time is about.

What works for Looop Lapeta?

Several things work in favor of the Netflix film. From the trailer, it was visible that the picture would be about time or some sort of a race against time. 

Also, back then, I found it to be a unique concept. However, I had concerns like any other Indian movie lover. Let us look at the things that worked in favor of Looop Lapeta. Also, did the movie succeed in executing itself properly?


You and I may have distinct opinions about a myriad of stuff, but I am sure we will both agree that Looop Lapeta is offbeat. It is unique, flavorful, and brings a compelling concept to the fore. 

Yes, it is somewhat similar to Game Over, which also starred Taapsee Pannu. Only a thin line separates the two films. Nevertheless, judging by its own material, Looop Lapeta throws an offbeat concept in a normal story, making it a worthwhile watch.

Great Performances

Taapsee Pannu is amongst the best actors in the Indian Film Industry at the moment. She delivers a brilliant act like always. Her dialogues, screams, emotional reflections, everything is laudable. On the other hand, we have Tahir, who continues to surprise me every time.

Tahir is a treat to watch as he delivers another fine performance after’ 83′ and ‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhein’. His dialogue delivery has improved a notch higher, and the charming actor excels in every frame of Looop Lapeta.

Moreover, there is the supporting cast which we should not ignore. Names like Rajendra Chawla, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, and K.C. Shankar are a treat to watch. Besides, Manik Papneja and Raghav Raj Kakker throw surprising acts as ‘Appu’ and ‘Gappu’, respectively.

Another name you might find missing in the above appreciations is that of Shreya Dhanwanthary, who recently starred in Unpaused: Naya Safar.

She plays a cameo in Looop Lapeta and sparkles in every minute of her part. Not to mention her fantabulous little monologue.

Compelling Storyline

Looop Lapeta has a story that keeps you interested. Even though it is largely based on ‘Run Lola Run’, the writers have done a great job adding new dimensions.

Though the story is told in the form of a loop and things might look repetitive but, undoubtedly, due attention has been given to even minor scenes.

The pace is good, and not a single minute seems to be on the slower side. You will have a lot on your platter at all times to guess the course of the film.  

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Good jokes, sarcasm, and funny acts bolster Looop Lapeta’s fortunes. There are several moments when you would pass a chuckle and laugh your heart out. 

Furthermore, the movie succeeds in creating moments of joy and happiness. I couldn’t find a single forced attempt of making a joke. All the humor has been placed rightly in the film.

Though it has thrill and emotions, Looop Lapeta gives enough chances to showcase your teeth to the screen.

Screenplay and Background score

A romantic comedy needs to have a pacy screenplay. Also, a steady background score is a must. Both these things, in combination, decide the fate of a film in this genre.

Since Looop Lapeta relies on the concept of time, its screenplay needed to be top-notch. And, it delivers. The film perfectly blends a brisk screenplay with captivating background music.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very last scene.

Savitri and Satyavan Reference

The movie references an ancient Indian tale of Savitri and Satyavan. Even the lead characters’ names (Savi and Satya) seem to have been inspired by the same.

Without spoiling your fun or throwing any spoilers, I want to reflect that the Savitri and Satyavan reference could have been a make or break for Looop Lapeta. You might have a different view, but I liked their way of drawing inspiration from the well-known story.

What doesn’t work for Looop Lapeta?

Now, it can be clearly drawn that Looop Lapeta has a lot of positives to offer. Still, there are a couple of downsides to it too. I won’t call them bad or negative aspects of the film, but they could have been better.

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Taking nothing away from the concept, Looop Lapeta is far from reality. You would love the film, laugh while watching it, dearly hope for a happy ending, but eventually, when the curtains would fall, you’d whisper, “Life doesn’t work this way”.

Obviously, there is an underlying message that we sometimes get more chances to steer clear of challenging situations. But, in reality, you don’t have a recap of events. Either you pull things off, or you don’t; there’s rarely a midway.

I can understand that the writer might have different ways to look at things. One of them could be to remain careful, aware, sensitive, and calm in adverse situations.

You may agree or disagree with the realistic part of the film, but that’s how fiction works. Looop Lapeta is unique, different, entertaining, and offbeat, yet unrealistic.


Honestly, I had to think a lot to come up with another demerit of Looop Lapeta, which is good.

There are so many things happening in the movie that the director and writer may have decided to go with an easy path. Sounds confusing? Let me break this point a bit. 

We have several characters, and all of them are introduced in the plot with a personal problem. Accidentally, they happen to be a part of Savi’s loop because, obviously, she is the protagonist. Now, Savi cannot be selfish and just think of saving her boyfriend, which she does in the first loop.

What the makers do here is they give easy solutions to the other characters’ conflicts to give direction to Savi’s and the main plot’s endeavor.

I won’t call it wrong considering the genre of the film; however, making things a bit more challenging would have enhanced its prospects.

Food for thought: I found Looop Lapeta to be notionally similar to LUDO, directed by Anurag Basu. If you also feel the same way, maybe, we can have a high-five or a comment or something?

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