Spanish presentations are gradually becoming a part of my life. Every other day, I am watching something from Spain.

While yesterday it was the second season of Wrong Side of the Tracks, today it is Love at First Kiss, a romantic comedy. Additionally, the film is quirky and bittersweet.

Honing a genre like that is not a cakewalk in the present times. Therefore, here’s my review where I share my opinion about Love at First Kiss.

What is the story of Love at First Kiss?

Javier is blessed with a unique power. Whenever he kisses a girl for the first time, he has a vision of the future with her. It allows him to continue or stop dating the woman.

Though a superpower, it takes a toll on his actions when he actually finds the love of his life.

photo from love at first kiss 2023
Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Alauda Ruiz De Azua, Love at First Kiss stars Alvaro Cervantes (Javier), Silvia Alonso (Lucia), Susana Abaitua (Ariana), and Gorka Otxoa (Roberto) in lead roles.

So, what works for the movie?

The idea is marvelous. The first ten minutes of the film keep you hooked to the screen. It gives an impression that you are in for something fresh.

I have watched many films surrounding the theme of visions regarding the future. But seeing it done in a quirky manner happened after some time.

Another thing that goes in favor of Love at First Kiss is the performance of the lead cast, led by Alvaro Cervantes. He plays Javier in the movie and comes up with a strange countenance.

photo from love at first kiss 2023
Image Credits: Netflix

There are no direct indications of his personality. A touch of enigma travels around him, probably because he is the protagonist. I specifically loved how Alvaro carried himself on the screen.

Silvia Alonso’s sweet demeanor makes her the most affable part of the movie. She shines brightly right from the word go. Her initial confrontations with Cervantes make her screen presence even more warming during the middle phase of Love at First Kiss.

Susana Abaitua and Gorka Otxoa keep the tempo alive in the movie. The former spins a mystic web and the latter stays true to the character’s spirit.

Well, that was all about the positive aspects.

What goes wrong with Love at First Kiss?

The film is dreary or rather bland, majorly. Though it starts well, Love at First Kiss fails to sustain the viewer for long. The takeoff is never facilitated by a continuous thrust.

You’d feel bored after a while and might not even want to continue since the storyline doesn’t offer what it promises. It reaches a peak pretty early and then there is simply nowhere to go for Love at First Kiss.

The makers malfunction while executing the concept dexterously. What could have been a film to remember has become one to forget.

photo from love at first kiss 2023
Image Credits: Netflix

Decent twists instead of forced inclusions were needed. However, they never arrive at the scene. The slow pace adds to the woes. The middle phase is too slow to endure.

Yes, the length of Love at First Kiss is on the bright side but the speed of play hurts it badly. If I had to choose the biggest flaw of the movie, it would be its unwillingness to grow.

Resistance from breaking out of the shell causes damage beyond repair to Love at First Kiss. There was ample room for the idea to ripe and then grow into a fascinating tale of love. Instead, you are served a monotonous and predictable plot.

Should you watch Love at First Kiss?

Only if you don’t have anything else. Going by the various aspects of the movie, there’s no chance I’d recommend it.

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