Obsession (2023) Series Review Netflix: With a Dying Pace Comes a Passionately Painful British Saga of Obsessive Love and Loss

I don’t know what’s happening to Netflix. A platform that used to release over a dozen fresh shows weekly is now down to less than half of it.

That they want to offer more quality is a given but in the present scenario, Netflix seems to be rather confused about what it wants to achieve.

Anyhow, I cannot allow myself to stray anymore. My focus should be on Obsession, and I bet you have heard the name at least a hundred times before.

A new British series by the same name has premiered on Netflix. Based on the book Damaged by Josephine Hart, Obsession is only four episodes long.

It promises a steamy and suspenseful outing for the viewers. Does the show succeed? Here’s my Obsession review.

Obsession (2023) Synopsis

What could be more bizarre than a father falling for his son’s fiancé? That’s what happens in Obsession when William meets Anna.

Their spontaneous chemistry leads the duo into a dangerous pursuit of passion. One that has the power to destroy everything.

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Created by Lisa Barros and Glenn Leyburn, the show stars Richard Armitage (William Farrow), Rish Shah (Jay Farrow), Charlie Murphy (Anna), Indira Varma (Ingrid), and Sonera Angel (Sally), among others. 

What Works for Obsession (2023)?

To begin with, the show tells an engaging tale. It has the typical artistic British vibe that I am sure most cine lovers are fond of.

Crisp and well-drawn characters are probably the result of Obsession having its roots in a novel. Though I still feel their transfer from the book to the screen is swift.

It’s a short affair of less than three hours. Many might argue why we weren’t served a film instead. I think had Obsession been a movie, it would have looked more drabby.

Moreover, the series has been presented quite well, thanks to the serene cinematography. There are no clamorous propositions once the curtains rise.

Image Credits: Netflix

Obsession burns slowly, giving the right impression of novella-type lineaments. It’s more likely that the creators haven’t changed much of the original settings.  

In shows like these, what’s of essence is the perspective of passion, which differs with varying sets of eyes. Two people relishing one another is not the ideal definition.

It is the unwavering desire to want someone, the disregard for societal conventions, and, probably, the resounding sense of togetherness while being afar, further intensifying the craving to unleash the yearning.

The definition of obsessive love can never be objective. However, Lisa and Glenn’s show does tend to be at the epicenter of a bustling yet quiet romance. 

As I mentioned above, Obsession is a slow-burning saga. Why do I say that? Because of its rich climax. The peak point comes out as naturally alluring and artificially enchanting.

You will have your qualms from the first half of Obsession. But the minute you witness the climax, most of the issues would be resolved.

How are the Performances?

Richard Armitage plays William Farrow. His belligerent side is more prolific than the peaceful one, given that you are ready to accept the idea.

As a viewer, you would abhor him for being too real as a man who falls for his to-be daughter-in-law. That’s the beauty of Richard’s portrayal. He always keeps the essence alive; doesn’t matter the shade. 

Image Credits: Netflix

Charlie Murphy had a tough task to accomplish while playing Anna in Obsession. She had to be highly enticing, first of all. Next, her aura had to be one that was a mixture of right and wrong.

Lastly, she had to perfect her own skills, including expressions, screen presence, and dialogue variations. Charlie never seemed out of touch even for a tiny bit.

Rish Shah is superb as Jay Farrow in Obsession. Innocent, calm, and a tad righteous, he presents a typical son in his own unique manner.

I think it is more to do with his demeanor. Shah has been at his individual best in several of his previous outings, though the outward radiation has not always been the same.

What Doesn’t Work for Obsession?

The show is snail-paced. As a fan of British fiction, you’d not mind it. However, from a general perspective, the makers lost the speed while trying to pack a classier punch.

If you play Obsession at 1.25x on Netflix, you will realize what difference it would have made.

Should You Stream or Skip Obsession (2023)?

It is watchable, barring the slow narration, only if you are into the genre.

The following section contains spoilers.


Obsession ending explained. Did Anna and William get together?

No, they don’t get together at the end of Obsession. As you must have seen, Anna tells William to never meet her again after he shows no signs of guilt, having been part of a horrendous accident.

He was so obsessed with her that even his own son’s death didn’t matter to him. Observing William’s behavior, Anna decided to get away from him.

Afterward, she called her friend who could help her relocate to a new place. But we saw William entering her flat, what was that for?

Well, it seems like Anna left the house as a parting gift for William, for his unhindered affection for her.

I haven’t read the novel. So, that’s what I could think of.

Can I watch Obsession (2023) with my family?

No. It has many sexual scenes.

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