The second episode of Marvel’s first South Asian female superhero series, Ms. Marvel, is now streaming on Disney Plus. For the unversed, the show premiered on 8th June on the platform.

It stars Iman Vellani, Matt Lintz, Mohan Kapoor, Zenobia Shroff, Yasmeen Fletcher, Rish Shah, and Laurel Marsden in lead roles.

My Ms. Marvel review is different from how I usually shed light on a film or show because it is a weekly release. To make things less monotonous, I won’t talk about performances unless they are on the polar ends.

Ms. Marvel Episode 2 Review Summary

If the first episode rang introductory bells into the life of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), the second one goes just a bit deeper by exploring the logic behind her powers. I would call it high on drama and low on adventure.

Ms. Marvel Episode 2 Synopsis

Kamala Khana is still figuring out the mystery behind her great-grandmother’s old bangle in episode two of Ms. Marvel. Moreover, some new characters enter the realm to shake the story a bit.

What Works for Ms. Marvel Episode 2?

Since I had talked about some of the things that work for Ms. Marvel as a whole in the first episode’s review, I would tread cautiously to not repeat things word to word.


The second episode nurtures the story much better than the first one. It brings in the right ingredients to bolster the tale of a novice superheroine. Moreover, the mind says at times, ‘now we are getting somewhere.’

A special mention to scenes where Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) was infused as a fastener. Even the pronunciation of the actor’s name brings pure joy to me, for I come from India, SRK’s country. He seems to be a regular thing for characters in Ms. Marvel’s story.

They can bond over Shah Rukh Khan anytime. That’s how majestic the actor’s charm is.

Also, I must mention that the storyline does intrigue you, specifically when you learn where the roots of the bangle could be.

New Elements and Performances

Several new characters come to the fore in Ms. Marvel’s second episode, starting with Kamran, played by Rish Shah. He is like the physically smart and mentally shrewd dude. Furthermore, his expressions are camouflaged.

Rish’s performance is equally good, if not better than the rest of the cast of Ms. Marvel. The way he handles himself and carries the story forward as a newcomer is commendable.

Another character that gets more screen time this time around is Yasmeen Fletcher. She portrays Nakia, a close friend of Kamala, in the series. The first episode only showed some minor glimpses of her.

Through Nakia, makers try to depict the traditional practices of Islam and how they are inclined against the liberty of Females.

Other elements like cops, social media, and family history seem to be working just fine for Ms. Marvel till now. It would be interesting to see how things move forward from here.

Like any other adventurous series, Ms. Marvel is gradually moving towards the good versus evil dimension. It has begun throwing hints about what is to come. Though I would love the show to bring novelty, it doesn’t look like happening for the time being.

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What Doesn’t Work for Ms. Marvel Episode 2?


I had mentioned this point when reviewing the first episode too. And things haven’t changed a bit for Ms. Marvel in the second episode. It is still following a formulaic approach to a superhero series. The visuals, storytelling, twists, and characterization are nothing that we haven’t seen before.

Don’t mind me saying this, but unless a major turn of events happens, Ms. Marvel is heading towards a straightforward plot.

The Punch is Still Missing

A lot happens in the second episode of Ms. Marvel. However, the big punch that sends your heart into a frenzy is missing. It fails to offer any adrenaline rush to the viewers despite maintaining the structural flow.

But I think we should cut some slack and give time to the series. It’s only been two episodes, and I sincerely hope Marvel could offer us the chills, if not freshness.

Final Word

Ms. Marvel’s second episode is just above average in terms of storytelling. It has more drama and less adventure. Predictability and tacky execution are other issues in this episode. However, it is watchable.

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