When we are hit by the intense heatwave and are almost destroyed, Monsoon in Delhi comes as a life-saver. It infuses fresh air into our lives and brings relief, draped in raindrops.

The sky covers itself in dark clouds to pour limitlessly and nourish our souls. Haven’t we all waited with bated breath for the rainy season as it brings joy and happiness?

We have wanted to do things like going out and soaking in the pleasure of rainfall. However, the lack of ideas mostly worked as a mood-killer.

But after proper research and personal experiences, I have come up with ideas surrounding the fantastic things you can do in Delhi during the Monsoon season.

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Take a Drive

aerial photography of grey concrete road
Photo by Terje Sollie on Pexels.com

Monsoon is a time when people avoid going outside. When they only want to sit in their room packed in a blanket while drinking the tempting hot tea.

However, India’s capital and its generally pensive roads carry a distinct look when it rains. The trees on the footpath add color to the mood, and the nearby jungles spring freshness.

You can drive in the evening to not only have fun in the weather but also learn about the rich culture and history of Delhi.

Delhi’s Book Cafes are Worth a Visit

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Are you an avid reader who gets excited every time it rains? Then it’s the right time for you to stand up and enter the cozy book cafes of Delhi, having hundreds of books to read.

Having something to eat while drooling over words is not a bad idea, though.

Go On a Long Walk

When the rain splashes the land, it gives the mud a moist aroma. Haven’t we all loved it since childhood? The lavish green trees, the fresh air, everything looks perfect.

That’s when you have to put on your slippers or shoes and go for a long walk. As you stroll, you come close to your surroundings and notice even the most minor natural changes while creating memories that cannot be erased for the rest of your life.

Eat Street Food

tilt shift photography of street foods in stick
Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on Pexels.com

Any Delhiite will never miss the street food during monsoon. From the hot and crispy pakodas or fritters to the sizzling samosas and Kachoris, you can relish them while enjoying the rain from the sideways.

Moreover, try visiting the lanes of old Delhi to treat yourself to different varieties of street food.

Ho-Ho Bus Tour

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to Delhi or staying here for years, the Ho-Ho bus ( a hop-on-hop-off tourist bus operated by Delhi tourism) is a must-try during the monsoon season.

Through the bus voyage, you can capture the most beautiful places in Delhi. The best part of the story is you don’t need to plan your journey while spending hours making a list. Just choose a convenient bus stop and roam for as long as you want.

Rooftop Dining

Monsoon and conversations, flavored by a delightful dining experience, what say? The simplest way of achieving this goal is by getting into a rooftop restaurant in Delhi’s Connaught Place.

You can mesmerize yourself with the splendid green trees while having a cup of tea with your friend (or someone else, obviously), or you could simply enjoy a hot cup of chocolate.

Moreover, you can also spend time with yourself while dining in a rooftop restaurant and reading your favorite novel.

Road Trip to Murthal

Murthal is an undergrad’s dream dining destination. Around 50 kilometers from Delhi, it is a paradise for food lovers and a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to relish Delhi’s monsoon with open arms.

When the sky turns dark, and the cool droplets tumble across your body, you will feel more enthusiastic than ever before. The journey in itself gets more tempting when it rains.

You can either do a bike trip or a car ride with your friends or family to enjoy Murthal Dhaba’s mouth-watering hot parathas with tempting tea to create one of the most beautiful memories of your life.


Have you ever thought how wonderful it could be to ride a boat when the cold breezy air dances with your hair and the drizzle steer through your face?

When you witness the sky in a dark shade, the atmosphere around you speaks in a rhythm. In this backdrop, boating with your loved one can be the most romantic thing.

You can choose spots like Nauka vihar near the old fort, Sanjay lake, Bhalswa lake, and boat club at India gate, among others.

During the monsoon, the rains in Delhi refill the city’s lakes and ponds to make them worthy of your time.

Admire the Historical Sites of Delhi

If you have been waiting to know the history, pack your bags and travel to Delhi’s historical sites. From Humayun tomb to Qutub Minar, from Hauz Khas to the red fort, you can witness the well-crafted art of the ancient era.

low angle photography of building
Photo by Aviral Swarnkar on Pexels.com

Your visit will be further enhanced by the fresh and captivating roads of the capital. Why not plan a family picnic at one of the monuments while the Monsoon lasts?

Go to An Art Gallery

In Delhi, when the monsoon hits, it inspires not only artists but also encourages new art exhibitions. It’s a lifetime opportunity to visit an art gallery when it rains heavily in India’s capital.

You can explore the rainy art festival and the healing monsoon at Lokayata art gallery (or anywhere else). Take your friends along so you can spend time at a nearby cafe after the art show ends.

Go On a Romantic Date

Ask a couple if they like the Monsoon or not. I bet they would laugh. I mean, who doesn’t like rain? Especially those love birds waiting for a scenic landscape to spend a beautiful time with their partners.

As the air becomes cold and breezy, and the environment feels more romantic than ever, you’ve got to go on a date.


The arrival of Monsoon in Delhi is when you can forget everything and let the child inside you live a little longer. From visiting places and admiring the beauty of nature to long drives and dancing in the rain, you can do anything in the most awaited season of India.

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