Sometimes, you don’t plan, but things happen. When I hopped on to Netflix to watch the remainder of Hot Skull, the teaser of a recently released Hindi film automatically started playing.

I usually don’t budge from my daily routine; however, Nazar Andaaz attracted me for two reasons. First, the teaser was humorous, and second, it had Kumud Mishra and Abhishek Banerjee.

Stirred, I shuffled my schedule and decided in the affirmative.

So, for starters, Nazar Andaaz is an offbeat and understated film, according to its Netflix description. Furthermore, it is 103 minutes long, which is relatively less compared to the average length of Hindi movies.

Does the understated and low-on-buzz film hit it out of the park? You’ll find out soon but let’s first start with the basics.

What is the story of Nazar Andaaz?

A blind man sets out on a carefree journey to his hometown before deciding who will get to own his wealth. Who are the contenders? His caretaker and a small-time thief turned gardener.

Nazar Andaaz is directed by Vikrant Deshmukh and stars Kumud Mishra (Sudhir), Divya Dutta (Bhavani), and Abhishek Banerjee (Ali) in lead roles.

Here’s my Nazar Andaaz review, where I share what works and doesn’t for the film.

The movie is laced with a heartwarming storyline. A limited cast allows the story to settle in without much fuss. Emotions, fun, quirkiness, Nazar Andaaz has it all.

Also, the film surprises with its precise depiction of love and warmth. It reminded me of the recently released Dr. Arora, which also starred Kumud Mishra in the lead role.

The dialogues look natural, the puns are well-placed, and the screen presence of the three actors is delightful.

Some of the scenes made me laugh out loud, and, at times, I was left teary-eyed in the ocean of nostalgia. Nazar Andaaz brings along tenderness by way of a heartening plot, and when the vibes are gladdening, you don’t want to leave the screen.

Furthermore, as I mentioned earlier, Nazar Andaaz’s duration is on the lower side. You can always make time for it.

The movie finds joy in the little options that life gives and tells why what we have is always enough, even though our wants force us to think otherwise.

And to convey the message, it uses witty dialogues and situational comedy, which does feel a bit over the top on occasions. However, the punches are primarily on the bright side.

Is Nazar Andaaz interesting?

Yes, it is an interesting film unless you expect thrills and chills. Nazar Andaaz offers you a twist-less plot, but the infusion of affability makes up for it.

Are the performances any good?

Nazar Andaaz stars three brilliant actors from Indian Cinema, Kumud Mishra, Abhishek Banerjee, and Divya Dutta.

Kumud Mishra is superbly scintillating in the movie. I have seen many films with blind protagonists, and Mishra’s act in Nazar Andaaz is right up there in the top three.

He creates a comportment that stays with you after the film ends. Kumud’s swiveling face is a prime example of how you can be pretentious and still remain authentic.

The actor doesn’t use glasses as a coverup and instead gets into the character’s skin. Those who don’t know him might doubt whether he could see in real life or not. That’s the genius of Kumud Mishra.

Abhishek Banerjee is known for his comic timing, and that’s precisely his job in Nazar Andaaz. He never gives up on making you laugh through amusing acts and dialogues.

Whether individually or with the other cast members, Banerjee succeeds in making Nazar Andaaz a joyfully chucklesome ride.

Divya Dutta is all about her charismatic screen existence. There’s depth in her dialogues, mirth in her voice, and a patent appeal in her expressions.

Is there anything that doesn’t work for Nazar Andaaz?

The movie has a simple and straightforward concept, which takes away the possibility of the plot being unpredictable.

Though the makers have tried to create mystique toward the end, you can easily sense what would happen eventually.

Moreover, I found the ending of Nazar Andaaz quite melodramatic and unrealistic, something that could have been avoided.

Should you watch Nazar Andaaz?

You should watch Nazar Andaaz if you like light-hearted films. Moreover, a bigger allure is Kumud Mishra’s stupendous performance.

The following section contains spoilers.

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Nazar Andaaz ending explained.

Ali and Bhavani take Sudhir to a barren land where he can run as much as he wants without the fear of falling down. However, after sprinting for a while, Sudhir falls and dies.

The makers haven’t shown the reason behind his death though one thing is certain that Sudhir’s demise wasn’t sudden. He was suffering from an illness, and that’s why he wanted to draft his will in the first place.

Therefore, he went to see his childhood home only after finalizing a name for his wealth.

On the other hand, after he allots his money to an NPO, he requests Ali and Bhavani to look after the children who reside there just as they looked after him.

Both of them agree to his request and begin their new lives.

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