Seems like December will be a month of understated, quirky films. Only recently, I finished watching Nazar Andaaz, Delivery by Christmas, and A Christmas Full of Grace.

All of them had their hearts in the right places. And I can already see similar new releases popping up in the New and Popular tab of Netflix.

One of them is The Marriage App, a film from Argentina that began streaming on Netflix on 7th December.

It is a romantic comedy with a hundred-minute duration. Is it worth your time? Here’s my The Marriage App review.

What is the story of The Marriage App?

The film is about a couple’s drowning marriage. Short of hope, they find out about an innovative mobile app that leads them to a ‘Miles Tracking’ watch. The technology rewards good deeds toward one’s partner and punishes the opposite.

Image Credits: Netflix

However, things take a drastic turn when Federico and Belen start competing against each other instead of winning miles together.

Directed by Sebastian De Caro, The Marriage App stars Luisana Lopilato (Belen) and Juan Minujin (Federico) in lead roles.

In which areas The Marriage App movie excels?

It has an interesting and unique concept, to begin with. Usually, mobile applications are about dating and stuff for bachelors.

Bringing the idea of married couples using technology to get their relationship back on track felt neoteric.

When issues begin to pop up, it is necessary to make mindful decisions. People are usually fragile and desperately seek solutions during such times.

That is where The Marriage App hits hard, using a touch of humor to spice things up. Also, the film’s pace is brisk, brushing aside the blandness factor.

Some of the funny scenes are entertaining, mainly the parts when the lead pair is involved in a bittersweet conversation. However, comedy won’t keep you afloat independently in The Marriage App movie.

How do the lead actors perform?

The story revolves around a couple played by Luisana Lopilato and Juan Minujin. Though there are other actors in the movie, the screen time allotted to them is meager.

Image Credits: Netflix

Luisana Lopilato, as Belen, performs to her full potential and gives all that she can to The Marriage App. Her strength is the intruding expressions combined with Lopilato’s congenial personality.

There’s occasional aggression in her act that makes the outing fulfilling. She doesn’t step back from using humor to the best and keeps the ambiance light.

Juan Minujin plays Federico in The Marriage App. He is the commonplace husband who has lost interest in his married life and finds spending time with friends more satisfying.

The actor is a complete package with a mix of wit, restraint, and contempt. Personally, I felt a few more comic punches would have suited his character.

Well, those were all the positive things about The Marriage App. Now, let’s move to the features that, unfortunately, don’t go well for the movie.

As I mentioned earlier, The Marriage App has an intriguing conceptual base. However, the execution is substandard. The film fails to create a stirring surrounding despite hooking the viewer initially.

Image Credits: Netflix

The characters could have added more to the idea. Instead, they only tread alongside the lead pair, resulting in a unilateral plot.

Furthermore, the storyline of The Marriage App leaves much to be desired. I understand it had to be straightforward; still, the makers should have introduced stimulations at regular intervals.

When the idea is unique, it becomes repetitive unless decorated with tasty ingredients. The Marriage App starts on a high note but rests on unsustainable pillars in the long run.

A few more layers, emphasis on comedy, and intricate character sketches would have made it wonderful to witness.

Another aspect that the creators could have honed is the emotional impetus. The Marriage App is an intimate film focusing on a couple’s failing relationship.

And when it is about love, you must have trigger points. Sadly, that’s not the case with The Marriage App.

The recently released Delivery by Christmas also had a fragile concept. However, emotions and a mindful storyline carried it forward.

Should The Marriage App movie be watched?

Undoubtedly, the film has a striking idea, but poor execution stops me from recommending it to you. At the most, couples facing marital issues can try it out.

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