Off late, some regions on the globe have been creating amazing stories to win over people. Germany, Spain, and Turkey are among the leading examples.

Not falling behind is Sweden. Though I have only watched a limited number of shows from the country, all of them have been superb.

A new Swedish movie, One More Time, has been released on Netflix. Heartfelt and feel-good, the film is a romantic comedy, as conveyed by its Netflix description.

Here’s my One More Time review to help you decide whether it serves what the movie promises.

What is the Story of One More Time?

Amelia is petrified with life on her fortieth birthday and desperately wishes to be eighteen again. Guess what happens next? She is forced to relive her 18th birthday over and over again.

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Jonatan Etzler, One More Time stars Hedda Stiernstedt (Amelia), Maxwell Cunningham (Max), Elinor Silfversparre (Moa), Miriam Ingrid (young Fiona), and others in prominent roles.

What Works for One More Time?

A startling concept that is not new requires an agile execution. Thankfully, One More Time aces the said part. There are no hiccups when it comes to the implementation of the idea.

You are served a palatable flow of events, which never seems off to the naked eye. The honesty in the film’s idea is reflected well by the makers.

Moreover, One More Time depends largely on emotions surrounding friendship and longing. It effectively touches your heart, triggering sentimental reactions.

The film’s beauty lies in its storyline which somewhat covers the highly fragile conceptual base. Casual surroundings of college further the agenda of nostalgic joyousness.

Obviously, you might argue whether the tale is wholesome. I would say, with the duration at hand, One More Time presents the story pretty well.

Also, the film’s screenplay is exciting and quirky, if you are yet to watch a similar creation. The onscreen display and planning of the reel boost the pace of One More Time.

Overall, the movie runs on heartwarming vibes, which do not look dragged, thanks to the curtailed runtime.

How are the Performances?

Hedda Stiernstedt plays the lead character of Amelia in One More Time. The entire film runs on her responsible shoulders.

I say ‘responsible’ because she is highly dexterous. Not at any point do you feel the need for depth in other characters.

The actress charms you with her impromptu style. Hedda’s typical expressions are the heartbeat of One More Time.

Image Credits: Netflix

She gets into the skin of Amelia in a manner that concentrates all the attention on the subject matter. You don’t detect a flaw in her alternate life even though her physical attributes travel 22 years back alongside her.

Maxwell Cunningham as Max and Elinor Silfversparre as Moa are the free spirits of One More Time. They bring humor and susceptibility to the table.

Miriam Ingrid’s quiet demeanor as young Fiona breaks your heart almost instantly. You feel for her and pray for her character to be happy eventually.

What Doesn’t Work for One More Time?

The concept of the film is old and rather already sold on several occasions. Most recently, I watched ‘A Not so Merry Christmas’ which revolved around the same idea.

Even the execution was almost similar. There, the lead character would wake up every day on Christmas Eve.

Here, the only difference is that Amelia doesn’t age with the loop.

The rest of the things are pretty good in One More Time.

Should you stream or skip One More Time?

The movie is definitely watchable.

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