Indian creators have never been too keen on making fantasy shows or films surrounding vampires. We only get to witness cliched and poorly crafted TV Serials with horrendous visual effects.

I think what we lack is creativity since we are mostly reproducing tried and tested formulas. However, a new Netflix show, Tooth Pari, seems to infuse freshness into the unexplored yet dying genre in India.

It is a romantic comedy about a vampire and a human being. Well, as orthodox as it might sound, the series promises to be quirky and exciting.

Eight episodes come together to produce a five-hour-long show. Is it worth your time? Here’s my Tooth Pari series review.

Tooth Pari Synopsis

Amid the regular bustle of human lives, a world of vampires exists underground in Kolkata. The two universes entwine when Rumi, a vamp, falls in love with Roy, a dentist.

Image Credits: Netflix

Created by Pritam D. Gupta, Tooth Pari stars Shantanu Maheshwari (Roy), Tanya Maniktala (Rumi), Saswata Chatterjee (David), Tillotama Shome (Meera), Adil Hussain (AD), Sikandar Kher (Kartik Pal), and Revathy (Luna Luka) in lead roles.

Tooth Pari Positive Aspects

The idea is the biggest strength of Tooth Pari. Somehow, it manages to keep you on the screen, regardless of the odd screenplay.

In other words, the concept covers the downsides of the show. A vampire stepping in and out of the normal world and falling in love in the process is alluring.

The ideation is well structured instead of well presented, I would say. It is further accentuated by the background score, the night setting, and the romantic serenity.

Tooth Pari never tries to go the intensive route to put lovers into action. It emphasizes their quiet connection and gradual expression thereafter.

Image Credits: Netflix

How is the storyline of Tooth Pari? Well, it is kind of dicey; certainly, not wholesome. The start is decent, but flaws arrive soon.

Since we are talking about the plus points, I must reflect on the same. So, emotions are well depicted in the tale.

Be it family relations or romantic conversations, the makers do succeed in connecting with the audience.

The story soothes you and instills a warm feeling of affection. Also, to some extent, the conspiracy theories within the tale are interesting.

I wish it was more scintillating, adhering to its primary premise.

Furthermore, Tooth Pari comes with decent video effects. The vampire fangs, the cosmic fight, and the blood ripples don’t look superficial.

Another talking point, since the series is a romantic comedy, is the humor meter. Tooth Pari does make you laugh, no doubt about that.

Still, I would not call it hilarious. The jokes are intelligent, the one-liners are smartly blended with the plot, and situational comedy is minimally present.

How are the Performances?

Shantanu Maheshwari as Roy is brilliant in Tooth Pari. His affable mien, which is quiet and sincere, wins you over.

It also has to do with the casting. Shantanu is someone who fits perfectly in the shoes of Roy, an apprehensive dentist.

The actor’s naturalness adds fervor to the individual on the screen. His composure lightens even the darkest of environments.

Image Credits: Netflix

Tanya Maniktala plays Rumi and she was quite a revelation to me. Honestly, in the beginning, I mistook her for Mithila Palkar, which was obviously not the case.

Coming to her performance, Tanya is too adorable as a vampire and that’s probably what propels her in the right direction.

Whether her dialogue delivery or her naively impromptu expressions, she carries the narration impeccably.

Saswata Chatterjee as David and Tillotama Shome as Meera work together in a limited role. Their screen presence is minimal but the impact is phenomenal.

Both of them are well-known actors though underrated to a large extent. The intricacy with which the duo performs takes away your breath on occasions.

Adil Hussain deserves praise for his eye-catching avatar in Tooth Pari. I couldn’t recognize the veteran actor in the beginning. That’s how adroit he is with the get-up and vocal intonations.

He is raw, natural, and attractive as AD.

Sikandar Kher’s previous outings have introduced him to Indian audiences in a much better manner than how he began his career.

Playing Kartik Pal in Tooth Pari, the actor shows his natural instincts. He aces the emotions, tickles you with his humorous expressions, and introduces an angry shade to his rough demeanor.

Revathy as Luna Luka is another actor to admire. She arrives in the scheme of things to anchor the show. And that’s when a plethora of new factors come to the fore.

Downsides of Tooth Pari

The show is let down by the writing of convenience. Some twists are out of context and sudden. They don’t feel authentic when seen together with the run of play.

Moreover, the storyline doesn’t entirely connect the dots. It is rushed to bring thrill, which never feels sumptuous.

A huge letdown for me was the clumsiness of the makers with regard to the technicalities. How on earth can you have a hidden door inside a metro station, from where people can enter and exit at their will?

Image Credits: Netflix

I mean what about the CCTV cameras? Tooth Pari shows a door integrated into one of the pillars of the metro station’s platform. That was bizarre, to say the least.

Furthermore, in the quest of making things interesting, the makers lose track of the timelines toward the end of the series.

I wish Tooth Pari was more mindful of the characterization, especially the ones in the Vampire world. A foolish and weak individual in Ora is shown to be the leader of the clan.

His dialogues are cringey and the physical sketch is even poorer. And that’s just one of the examples.

Additionally, I feel the ending of Tooth Pari could have been better.

Should you stream or skip Tooth Pari?

Initially, the show might feel odd. But as you get into it, things become manageable. The idea is good; however, there are numerous issues with this Vampire romantic comedy.

I would put it in the category where the viewer takes a few episodes to decide whether they should move ahead.

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