“When our minds our calm, we can overcome fear.” I don’t think there can be a better way to start my Thai Cave Rescue review. It is a show that you want to watch more and more but never wish for it to happen in real life ever again.

Inspired by actual events of 2018, Thai Cave Rescue presents the gritty and hard-fought rescue of a young Football team that was trapped in a cave due to heavy rain. You can find more information in the synopsis section of this blog. Moreover, I have covered several other details in the FAQs part.

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Honestly, I was a little skeptical about watching Thai Cave Rescue because a week has already passed since it was released. I doubted if my review would matter, given the timeframe. However, I am happy to have made the right decision.

The series is a fictional representation and not a documentary. It aims to be inspiring, heartfelt, and emotional. Allow me to take you through my review of this rescue drama that’s six hours long, divided into the same number of episodes.

Thai Cave Rescue Review Summary

From mistakes, strategies, emotions, grit, and determination, Thai Cave Rescue succeeds in extracting jubilance. It is a brilliant show that you cannot miss at any cost.

Thai Cave Rescue Synopsis

On their way to a post-practice fun excavation, 12 teen football players and their coach get trapped in Thailand’s Tham Luang Cave due to heavy rains. Thai Cave Rescue portrays their harrowing experience that lasted eighteen days while divers and navy experts from across the world tried reaching them.

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The series is directed by Baz Poonpiriya and Kevin Tancharoen. Moreover, Thai Cave Rescue’s cast is more or less like an ensemble. It stars Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote (Coach Eak), Pratya Patong (Titan), Songpon Kantawong (Tee), Chakkapat Srisat (Phong), Thanawut Chetuku (Adul), Teeraphat Somkaew (Biw), Thanaphong Kanthawong (Dom), Thanapat Pungpumkaew (Night), Apisit Yukam (Nick), Watcharaphol Poungsawan (Mix), Thapanot Huttaprasuk (Mark), Rataphumi Nakisatit (Note), Apisit Sangjan (Tle), Thaneth Warakulnukroh (Governor Narongsak), and others.

What Works for Thai Cave Rescue?


This would be the nth time I say how tough putting real-life events to screen is. As a filmmaker, the execution becomes more demanding when you have everything already on the platter. It is why we mostly see documentaries with interviews accompanying the narrative.

The feelings, emotions, outpour of joyousness, and struggle are not easy to infuse into the viewer’s hearts. You must have seen that most of the biopics cannot do justice to the person in question. One needs to have a tight grip on every aspect of the eventful journey.

Thai Cave Rescue never feels out of place. The storyline is compact, the visuals are stirring, and the makers have managed to breathe fire through emotions. Especially the last hour is brilliantly executed.

Emotionally Arousing

I had no clue about the 2018 incident that took place in Thailand when I began watching Thai Cave Rescue. But I am sure that even if I had known, the impact would have been the same. The sheer news of a dozen teenagers getting trapped in a cave is ravaging.

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Add to that a moving background score and an uphill rescue mission. All the things culminate into a stupendous onscreen exhibition. Gradually, you start feeling about all the stakeholders, not just the football players.

Generally, real-life based shows get boring and repetitive after a time. But Thai Cave Rescue remains afloat till the very end.

Gritty Plot

What begins as a fragile outing soon becomes gritty as people from across the globe converge for the safety of a dozen teenagers. The kids’ willpower and the rescue team’s determination somehow transmit a sense of courage into you.

Thai Cave Rescue imbibes several moments in the story that may have been dramatized for the sake of screen betterment; however, the makers keep you hooked forever. And that’s the purpose of filmmaking. You have to sustain the viewer via allurement.

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All the components are placed at the right points, ensuring that the plot doesn’t go off-road by any mile.


Thai Cave Rescue is high on camera work. It has a lot to do with the premise of the series. All the underwater scenes look authentic, both during solo and group voyages. Professionals behind the camera and those with the onus of editing the show have served a relishing final dish.


Everyone has done a phenomenal job in Thai Cave Rescue. Among the Wild Boars, I specifically liked the performance of Titan and Mark, played by Pratya Patong and Thapanot Huttaprasuk, respectively. Pratya brings a kid’s overt and mischievous side to the table while Thapanot is restrained and quiet. Their expressions are way more effective than their age might suggest.

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Playing Eak, the coach, in Thai Cave Rescue, Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote wins your heart. He reflects the true values a trainer should possess. The tranquil environment he creates in a brewing atmosphere of panic and fear keeps the hope alive. Unfortunately, the actor is no longer with us after a sudden demise this year; however, Papangkorn’s heartwarming act in Thai Cave Rescue will be remembered forever.

As the Governor in charge of a volatile situation, Thaneth Warakulnukroh delivers a commendable act. He’s the epitome of sensitivity in Thai Cave Rescue. Political representatives doing what they are supposed to do is a rare sight, and Thaneth sumptuously presents one while at it. You would love his acting command, where he uses head shifts and subtle expressions to reflect on situations.

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Supakorn Kitsuwan plays the petty officer Saman Gunan (Sam), who became a national hero post the incident. The actor consummately showcases all the emotional variations and does justice to Sam’s departed soul.

Urassaya Sperbund and Manatsanun Panlertwongskul are two excellent performers in Thai Cave Rescue. One as a hydraulic engineer and the other as a forest ranger keep you involved in the story for as long as they stay on the screen.

What Doesn’t Work for Thai Cave Rescue?

Nothing. Even the dramatized part doesn’t feel too much or over-exaggerated. Overall, the show presents the horrifying events with full vigor. You might want to question the belief versus science part, but that’s just about it.

Final Word

For anyone, even if you don’t like watching web series, Thai Cave Rescue is a must-watch show.


Who is Beam in Thai Cave Rescue?

You must have seen the words “For Beam” as the credits begin to roll after the final episode of the series. The tribute is for none other than the actor who played Coach Eak in Thai Cave Rescue. Papangkorn “Beam” Lerkchaleampote is the full name of the Thai actor who played the pivotal part in the show.

If you are wondering how Beam died, he passed away while sleeping at his house in March 2022 (in Bangkok). There is no official word on the reason for his death; however, the police denied any forced intrusions. Beam was found motionless on his bed by his mother.

He had played football the previous evening and eaten at a street food stall before returning back to his condominium. A young person’s death is never easy to digest, and I wish wherever Beam is, he’s in peace.

Did Saman Gunan Die in reality?

Yes, petty officer Saman Gunan (Sam) died during the rescue efforts to save the Wild Boars. He was a veteran Navy SEAL officer who passed away in a tragic event while moving oxygen cylinders underwater. Sam was regarded as a National Hero post his demise.

Were all the boys saved in reality?

Yes, each of the twelve boys, along with their coach, were rescued after 18 days from Thailand’s Tham Luang Cave.

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