Peacemaker is a sequel/spin-off to last year’s Suicide Squad and is set in the same universe. It picks up where the previous film left, following the escapades of the titular character, Peacemaker, portrait by John Cena.

Having recovered from his experience with Bloodsport, he finds himself embroiled in a whole new case, titled Project Butterfly.

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In this eight-episode series, following the aftermaths of the critically acclaimed 2021 film, Peacemaker, the protagonist finds himself on a new mission with a team of agents designated by Amanda Waller.

The team includes Agent Emilia Harcourt and John Economos, both of whom went against the orders of the Belle Reve warden in The Suicide Squad.

James Gunn directs the show, and I personally love the guy for his work. He brings a different narrative with a natural essence of direction that makes his movies unique. 

There’s been a great deal of excitement around the DCEU’s first-ever television series. Moreover, the first seven episodes have certainly contributed to the enthusiasm.

What Happened in Episode 7 

“Stop Dragon My Heart Around,” the seventh episode of Peacemaker, pulled viewers’ hearts around for the length of its almost 40-minute run time.

Much of it had to do with the assassination of Clemson Murn (Chukwudi Iwuji), which occurs early in the episode and has a significant impact on the plot.

Goff, the head of the butterfly group, who is now possessing Sophie Song’s (Annie Chang) body, tracks him down and shoots him. She even manages to kill the Butterfly residing in his brain, thereby ending any hope of a return.

Naturally, Murn’s death has a devastating effect on the team, particularly Emilia Harcourt and Leota Adebayo. Despite their best efforts, they can’t help but watch as Sophie and her minions assassinate their commander.

At the very least, Murn’s death forces them to put their disagreements aside and concentrate on his ultimate goal: to kill the Cow that is the Butterflies’ food supply.

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Peacemaker Episode 8 Teaser

HBO has released a teaser trailer for the eight and final episode of the show. As he and the other ARGUS operatives prepare to enter combat, John Cena takes up a shield for the very first time in his career.

The promo for Peacemaker Season 1, Episode 8, “It’s Cow or Never,” features Christopher Smith/Peacemaker holding a shield (emblazoned with, of course, a dove of peace).

Also, it provides another glimpse of the “cow,” which was first introduced in Episode 7. The cow serves as the Butterflies’ sole source of food.

The seventh episode disclosed the cow’s location. It shows the cow being well-guarded.

One can simply predict that the squad will have difficulty putting the game away. Aside from that, we may presume any one of those butterflies will manage to escape after the season, which would effectively bring hope for a second season.

Murn’s death isn’t the only unexpected fatality in Peacemaker’s most recent episode. Though the audiences won’t mourn the demise of Auggie Smith, Peacemaker is in a visibly bad shape after killing his own father.

The man doesn’t really offer him much choice, and one might argue that he deserves it as much as anybody else. On the other hand, Christopher is likely to remain shaken for some time.

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However, Eagly survives Auggie’s attack, even though he has visited the veterinarian afterward. Ultimately, it is at this point that the squad decides to pick a new leader before Peacemaker Episode 8: Harcourt.

As the seventh episode concludes, the task group sets out to locate the Cow. Christopher and Adebayo are still working through some challenges. Still, everyone is determined to see Murn’s purpose through to completion.

What to Expect from Peacemaker Episode 8?

We Can Expect A Cameo From DCEU

One option is that the Peacemaker finale contributes to the establishment of characters of the Peacemaker in the DCEU’s future.

In Gunn’s earlier post-credits sequence for The Suicide Squad, he established the Peacemaker TV series, which would tie into this new development.

Bringing in a well-known hero would aid in DCEU with unique and strong characters. Suppose an existing member of the DCEU Justice League shows up.

In such a case, it is possible that the series would appear in other major DCU titles and finally get to be the hero he longs to be (and may have been previously, based on the Kite-Man Easter egg in Peacemaker episode 5).

In addition to introducing an entirely new hero to the DCEU in a way that will more directly contribute to the establishment of the future DC universe, the show broadens the horizon for DC with its creativity. 

Death of a major character

Killing one of the main characters is always the trump card of every creator that they hold back for the last act. For Peacemaker, there is a shortlist of the characters that we expect to die in episode 8 after Murn.

John Economos and Vigilante both are much more comic characters, and their death couldn’t bring a significant impact for now.

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Besides, Pacemaker definitely is not at the top of this list, and Leota Adebayo brings a different narrative of Amanda Waller, so she will be better to keep alive for future seasons. 

Emilia Harcourt is by far the most probable candidate to die in the Peacemaker finale if one of the protagonists does (Jennifer Holland).

Her story is constructed around the emotional detachment she maintains with others. She spends her free time alone but avoids connecting personally with them.

She does, however, begin to let her guard down in Peacemaker episode 5, and she begins to form a bond with the crew. Amanda Waller cautioned Leota earlier in the season that empathy might be fatal in a black-ops situation.

Later in the season, Harcourt advised Leota that having emotional ties around could be harmful.

Together with Harcourt’s behavior in episode 5, these warnings might indicate that she is breaching her own rules in a way that would ultimately lead to her death in episode 8’s conclusion, releasing on 17th Feb.

The Butterflies Are The Good Guys

As we have already known, the initial plan of the Butterflies was not to take over the planet, and they just wanted to survive.

Again, when we found that Murn is also a butterfly but wanted to help humans, things took a different turn. It could turn out that the butterflies are working towards a bigger goal rather than just taking over the earth.

Introducing the Multiverse

We can expect that The Flash, releasing on November 4, 2022, would open up the DCEU multiverse as Flash travels back in time and finds himself in a timeline with Michael Keaton’s portrayal of Batman, making Tim Burton’s Batman films canonical inside the DCEU universe.

However, it is plausible that James Gunn’s Peacemaker finale secret is that he intends to beat The Flash to introduce the multiverse concept in the DCEU. Many signs have previously suggested that Peacemaker (and maybe The Suicide Squad) may take place in a separate timeline inside the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

This would definitely explain why we never got the most anticipated Batfleck cameo at the end credits of the Suicide Squad. It could be possible that the Peacemaker and new Scuide Squad altogether in a different timeline.

This will explain all the no-kill rules of Batman Jokes that Peacemaker has made the entire season, as that is not the case with the current DCEU. If this happens, it would definitely lay a perfect path for the Flash and prepare DC fans for a Multiverse Ride. 

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James Gunn Has Something Big Up His Sleeves

A major twist or disclosure in Peacemaker’s last episode has been kept a secret by James Gunn. He has refused to allow HBO Max to distribute the season one episode 8 finale to critics and reviewers.

While sending out a season for review, it is typical for reviewers to receive the complete season at once rather than receiving episodes of the show throughout a season’s run.

In the case of Peacemaker, however, critics got only the first seven episodes rather than the entire season.

A recent interview with James Gunn regarding Peacemaker revealed that HBO had planned to release the entire eight-episode season to critics, but Gunn refused to let it.

According to Gunn, the reason for this is “so many things happen in episode eight that I simply couldn’t allow it to get out there. There is no doubt that it would be ruined.”

While the vast majority of reviewers can be trusted to keep spoilers to themselves before the episode’s release, there is always the possibility that the climax would be leaked to the public before the episode’s release.

Pirated versions of review copies are a sad reality. It is challenging to keep noteworthy surprises from getting spoiled. Sometimes, even production members and actors accidentally reveal plot points or characters.

Well, the Peacemaker Episode 8 will be out on 17th Feb, and till then, we all have to wait for the final showdown. But I can assure you that the episode will be epic, and mind-blowing.

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