Finally, SS Rajamouli’s RRR is here with mountainous expectations and some tough box office competition from a politically populous opponent, The Kashmir Files

I am not a huge fan of watching dubbed movies in theatres. However, the hype surrounding RRR and the fact that it was shot in 3D pushed me to its first day first show.

In southern India, Jr. NTR and Ram Charan are worshipped by cine lovers. A film starring both of them is a dream for many. Therefore, it is pertinent to know if we have a winner in RRR or does it fall short of the expectations? 

Let me just give you a quick roundup of my RRR review. 

RRR Review Summary

Starring Ram Charan and Jr. NTR, RRR is a visual spectacle that stuns and takes your breath away with its action sequences. The movie contains a perfect blend of emotions, action, and entertainment. 

RRR’s lead actors make you crave for more and ensure you leave for home with an experience of a lifetime. All of its action sequences are authentic and spellbinding. It is a must-watch film!

RRR Synopsis

Touted to be made with a budget of over INR 300 Crores, RRR is directed by SS Rajamouli. It stars Ram Charan (A Rama Raju) and Jr. NTR (Bheem) in lead roles. The movie has cameos from Alia Bhatt (Seeta) and Ajay Devgn (Venkat Rama Raju).

Further, there are English actors like Ray Stevenson, Alison Doody, and Daisy Edgar (who looks like Sophie Rundle to me).

The story of RRR is set in the 1920s when the British rule in India was hell-bent on silencing rebellious voices. Rama Raju is a police officer who is loyal to the Britishers only from the outside. He can do anything that his superiors ask of him. But he has hidden truths.

On the other hand, Bheem is a metaphoric Herdsman belonging to a peaceful tribe. Since the tribe is calm and harmless, they are referred to as Sheep living in a herd. However, if anyone tries to harm any of the Sheep, the Herdsman must protect and bring the lost sheep back home.

When the English Princess forcefully takes away a small girl, Malli (belonging to the peaceful tribe), to entertain her with her voice, it is the job of Bheem to fetch her back at any cost.

The paths of Rama Raju and Bheem cross as they delve further into their respective quests. Will Bheem be able to rescue the girl, or will Rama Raju be able to stop him as his masters, the Britishers, want?

What works for RRR?

Visual Effects

The visual effects of RRR in 3D will leave you awestruck. The film is made on a large scale and succeeds in delivering on all fronts. The grandeur of RRR is a thing to behold when watching it on the silver screen.

Since the story is set in the 1920s, one would understandably imagine RRR taking a regressive approach to present things. But the sheer brilliance of Rajamouli’s artwork infuses life in the old weapons, the bland fire, and human-animal conflict.

We can even consider it the best action film of Indian Cinema.


You have to accept SS Rajamouli’s acumen in articulately bringing what he wishes to on the big screen. He is a supreme storyteller with a unique ability to twist plots convincingly.

Directing stars like Ram Charan and NTR Jr. is not as easy as it looks. That is because they are incredible actors and a lot rides on them.

A tiny mistake can make them look bad on screen, and the responsibility would fall on the director. Therefore, we must applaud when actors do what is asked of them, but we shouldn’t forget the contributions of the master behind them.

Action Sequences

Woah! That’s how I expressed disbelief at the utterly flawless action scenes of RRR. The camera angles, the destruction, and, to top it all, the intensity of the actors are fascinating.

Fight scenes are so perfect that you think of them as someone putting butter on bread. There are human-animal brawls that are not even a tinge unauthentic. All animals work in tandem as if they are being directed in real-time about what they have to do and how they have to walk.

Moreover, the 3D presentation makes things even more likable. 


Well, finally, we are here. RRR is a powerhouse when it comes to the cast. The film stars Ram Charan and Jr. NTR, two of South India’s most prolific artists. Moreover, we have Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn from the Hindi belt.

Ram Charan does a marvelous job as a cop. His character is both fierce and fearless. The actor ensures the intensity never wanes away throughout the duration of the film. Ram Charan fights with force and wins you with his emotional act.

He has grown as an actor in the last few years to such an extent that only the sky is the limit when he is on screen. You never know what he might do. Even if the viewer can guess the plot, they cannot predict how Ram Charan will achieve it.

Jr. NTR or NT Rama Rao Jr. is a behemoth combination of class and mass. He intelligently wins you over with clever acting, i.e., not allowing your expectations to deteriorate or overwhelm him. The actor is gritty, understated, and lion-hearted, who never wants to give up.

Moreover, Jr. NTR’s act is a strange combination of innocence and maturity. The phenomenal actor rises to the occasion and picks the pace again when you think he has given up.

The camaraderie between Jr. NTR and Ram Charan reminds me of Sholay’s iconic pair of Jai-Veeru. Riding the bike together, fighting with and for each other, and trying to oust a common enemy, are some of the striking similarities.

Ajay Devgn as Venkat Rama Raju plots a web of terrestrially stunning acts. As always, the actor is full of intensity, rawness, and valiance. He steals the show even though he only has a small role to play in the movie. 

Interestingly, Ajay Devgn has now done a guest appearance two times in a row, first in Gangubai Kathiawadi and now in RRR.

Then there is Alia Bhatt, who is given the smallest part to play amongst the big names. However, she proficiently dispatches her talent in a whirlwind.

Background Music

The background score of RRR captivates you brilliantly. It enhances the beauty of action sequences and scenes that are high on emotions. 

Massy and Classy

Yes, contrary to popular beliefs that a mass-oriented film can’t work for the audiences of Tier-1 cities, RRR is both Massy and Classy. The background score, out-of-the-box performances, and masala ingredients make it a film for the mass audience.

However, with a stainless 3D experience and professional direction, RRR manages to be an incredible viewing experience for the class audience too.

What doesn’t work for RRR?

Dicey 2nd Half

Though not entirely, the second half of RRR is a little low than the first half. It takes you to the peak of your expectations just moments before the interval. However, the plot loses its grip post-interval.

From thinking about RRR being an experience that never ends, you suddenly begin pondering how much more time is left?

However, the fall is not too deep and manageable.

Blooper in RRR

In one of the early scenes, a British police constable hits a lady with a heavy piece of wood. Ideally, the lady should fall on the ground with the wounded side towards the sky. However, SS Rajamouli shows the injured side to be on the other side, i.e., towards the ground.

I felt the orientation of her face after the impact was strange.

Is RRR worth the hype?

Yes, RRR is worth all the hype. It is a magnum opus of surreal action sequences that you must not miss.


Is RRR based on a real story?

No. RRR is not a real story. It shows a fictional account of an event in 1920.

Are Jr. NTR and Ram Charan brothers in RRR?

No, Jr NTR and Ram Charan are not brothers in RRR. A scene shows Bheem eating with his left hand when a lady tells her to eat with his right hand. Ram reacts by saying that he was reminded of something from his childhood.

Some of you may feel that both Ram and Bheem belong to the same family. However, the scene only signifies that their upbringing was the same and not their mothers.

RRR will stream on which platform?

Directed by SS Rajamouli, RRR will stream on Zee5.

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