Bollywood film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara introduced scuba diving to most Indians. And ever since, this thrilling adventure has become immensely popular in the country. If you are looking for spots in India to try this activity, you have come to the right place. 

Why is Scuba Diving so Special?

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Scuba diving is a life-changing experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Imagine being immersed underwater and moving freely through the majestic marine life.

Watching the coral reef, exploring the aquatic ecosystem, and witnessing the vast biodiversity universe is a rejuvenating experience.

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It’s like being calm from the outside and alive from within. In my experience, it’s like meditation. You forget all your worries and only focus on the present. Believe me, once you go scuba-diving, you will never forget those breathtaking visuals of the underwater environment. 

So if I have convinced you enough to try this majestic experience, have a look at these 8 places in India that you can visit to try scuba diving for the first time. 

Kovalam, Kerala

Kovalam has become India’s scuba diving hotspot known for its pristine beaches and thrilling water sports. Tourists from India and across the globe flock to this coastal town Kerala to experience underwater life. 


Plan your scuba diving escapade in Kovalam through the scuba cochin dive center or Bond Safari, the most popular Scuba Diving Organizer in the city. They will take you to the diving spots like Hawah and Lighthouse beach and provide proper training. 

Best time to visit Kovalam for scuba diving: August to March

Price: INR 6000 per person.

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Andaman Islands

How about experiencing the marine life of the Bay of Bengal in the famous Andaman islands? Get a chance to see the mesmerizing coral reefs and get lost in the blue world by visiting this popular scuba diving destination in India. 


Contact Scuba Diving organizers like Experience Andamans, Barefoot, or Pugmark Eco Tours to have the best scuba diving experience in Andaman. The diving spots in Andaman are Dixon’s Pinnacle, The Wall, and Havelock. 

Best time to visit Andaman for scuba diving: October to April

Price: INR 5000 per person

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Kadmat Islands

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Famously known as Cardamom Island, this paradise is known for its scuba diving and snorkeling activities. It belongs to the Amindivi subgroup of islands of the Lakshadweep archipelago.

Moreover, this island is home to the cleanest diving spots in India. When you start your underwater journey, you may get a chance to spot several turtles and other marine life. 


You can contact Scuba Diving Companies like Relax Dweep Holidays, Bangaram Dive Center, and Laccadives to help you plan your bucket list adventure. The most popular diving spot in Kadmat is Cardamom Islands. 

Best time to visit Kadmat Islands for scuba diving: October to March

Price: INR 8000 per person

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Grand Island, Goa

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On your next trip to Goa, ditch the beach parties and experience the underwater world by visiting Grand Island. Extremely popular among adventure seekers, this tranquil island is a paradise for scuba divers.

If you get lucky, you might spot needlefish, lionfish, scorpionfish, surgeonfish, and other exotic marine life. 


You must take a ferry or boat from Hansa Beach to reach Grand Island. You can contact Scuba Tour Agency near Calangute to help you organize this unforgettable activity. Sites like Thrillophilia can get you great deals too. 

Best time to visit Grand Island Goa for scuba diving: October to February

Price: INR 2000 per person

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Netrani Island, Karnataka

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It is situated at a distance of 10 km from Mudreshwar town in Karnataka and is getting increasingly popular among divers in India. Also known as Pigeon Island, it gives you a chance to spot parrotfish, butterflyfish, and even shrimps. 


Several Scuba Diving companies like Netrani Adventures and Dive Netrani will help you organize a perfect scuba diving adventure. You can take a cab or auto to reach the island or hire a fishing boat from Bhatkal. 

Best time to visit Netrani Island for Scuba Diving: October to March

Price: INR 4000 per person

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Aravind’s Wall – Puducherry

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Another popular diving spot in India, Aravind’s Wall is located 6-7 km from the coast of Pondicherry. One can witness the marine world at its best by spotting different species of sea snakes. Although rare, it’s possible that you also get a glimpse of the honeycomb Moray Eel. 


Temple Adventures is a popular tour operator in Puducherry to help organize scuba diving adventures for groups as well as individuals. 

Best time to visit Aravind’s Wall for Scuba Diving: November to March

Price: INR 5000

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Tarkarli, Maharashtra

Experience colorful and exotic marine life by visiting this charming village on the shores of the eternal Arabian Sea. Situated in Maharashtra near the 17th-century Sindhudurg Fort, Tarkarli is known for exciting water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing. 


Shamika Scuba Diving is the most popular tour operator in Tarkarli. The only way to reach this village is via speedboats which you can hire from Dandi beach. 

Best time to visit Tarkali for scuba diving: October to March

Price: INR 1000 per person

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Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep

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Another diving heaven in Lakshadweep, this island is immensely popular amongst tourists who want to indulge in exciting sports activities. It is believed that the beauty of this island matches that of the South African and Maldives Islands. Also, it is said to be one of the cleanest Islands in India. 


Get in touch with tour operators like Agatti Island and Laccadives to organize your activity. You can reach this island by boat. 

The best time to visit Bangaram Island for scuba diving: October to April

Price: INR 8000 per person

Final Takeaway

India is surrounded by water bodies. There are countless Islands perfect for water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling, where you can explore the world beneath the sea.

When you get tired of trying overrated activities like bungee jumping and river rafting, get some real thrill in your life by trying scuba diving in these enthralling Indian locations. 

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