The show that dared to present the horrifying Nirbhaya case onscreen and made waves for a striking narration, Delhi Crime, is back for its second season. It was the start of Shefali Shah’s digital charisma and furthered Rasika Duggal’s presence as an actor.

Streaming on Netflix, the second season of Delhi Crime promises to bring another dreadful story of misdeeds to the masses. Furthermore, the expectations are high, and the audience is eagerly waiting to watch another gritty and dark portrayal.

Well, does it succeed or not? Here’s my Delhi Crime season 2 review, where I talk about the pluses and minuses of this Indian crime thriller on Netflix.

Delhi Crime Season 2 Review Summary

Focusing on a repugnant crime, the second season of Delhi Crime is intriguing only when considered independently. The show plummets to a low point when compared to the first outing.

Delhi Crime Season 2 Synopsis

Killing only elderlies in the small hours of the night, a new gang is stroking fear among the masses of Delhi. Their modus operandi is similar to a treacherous criminal clan from the 90s. Are they amateurs in the guise of professionals, or are we in for a comeback of the infamous “Chaddi-Banyaan” gang?

Directed by Tanuj Chopra, Delhi Crime season 2 stars Shefali Shah, Rasika Duggal, Rajesh Tailang, Anurag Arora, Gopal Dutt Tiwari, and Aakash Dahiya, among others.

What Works for Delhi Crime Season 2?

Slow burn

Delhi Crime season 2 takes time to explode, but it bursts pretty well eventually. There are some issues that I will discuss in the relevant section, but full credit to the makers for keeping the flame of seductive captivation alive.

The show sometimes irritates you because of its pace but once the momentum arrives, Delhi Crime season 2 rises to the right levels.

Background Score

The background music of Delhi Crime season 2 facilitates the dark surroundings. Whenever the story fails to grip you, it is the circumstantial music that saves the day. It has the authority to engross you to the core, especially during crucial moments.


Crime can never be put into a frame. It is subjective, and you can always go back to the books to understand the psyche of criminals. This Indian crime thriller on Netflix tries to capture as much as possible in its five episodes.

I would call Delhi Crime season 2 different from the usual Indian shows falling in the genre because it doesn’t follow a pre-verified recipe. The narration is a tad unique.

The Subtle Social Message

Delhi Crime season 2 very shrewdly depicts how the poor and marginalized consistently live on the knife’s edge. They can be picked from their houses and thrashed into jail. Whenever there’s a new crime, members of the depreciated communities are the frontrunners of being the alleged culprits.

It is high time that we, as a civilized society, start thinking about the repercussions of blaming an entire community for the crime of one individual.

We are always quick to discriminate among the whole group in the aftermath of a gruesome incident. Delhi Crime season 2 makes you think and introspect.


I keep saying it, and I will repeat it, Shefali Shah is the epitome of acting in India. From Human and Jalsa to the recently released Darlings, Shah has been phenomenal across the board. Age is just a number for her as she keeps on delivering scintillating performances one after another.

In the second season of Delhi Crime, Shefali returns as DCP Vartika. This time, there’s more intricacy and maturity, effortlessly blended with an intuitive demeanor. She can be calm and messy and still aware of her artistic surrounding. Shefali’s expressions speak volumes of her talent.

Rasika Duggal once again delivers a balanced, contained, yet intense performance. She plays to her advantage and gets into the skin of Neeti while successfully deciphering her traits. However, whenever the need arises, Duggal doesn’t stop from exploring the character further in Delhi Crime season 2.

Should she have been given more significance in the plot? Well, I would surely ask that.

Rajesh Tailang continues to be the raw commoner he has been till now. His dialogues feel superior coming from the depth of his voice. Though the story doesn’t depend entirely on his shoulders, Tailang somehow manages to be the heart of Delhi Crime season 2.

Anurag Arora, Gopal Dutt, and Aakash Dahiya prosper in their respective roles. And I would love to see them grow in the third season of Delhi Crime if it happens.

What Doesn’t Work for Delhi Crime Season 2?

Misses the Intrigue

The first season of Delhi Crime was far superior when compared to its successor. Yes, some of its credit goes to the emotional involvement as it was based on a true story. However, fiction brought a lot of positives as well, which the makers of Delhi Crime season 2 couldn’t capitalize on.

When they should have embraced creativity to infuse intrigue into the tale, they merely reach the ground level of storytelling. The first two hours of Delhi Crime season 2 are slow and fail to compel you to the screenplay.

The show doesn’t hook you as much as it did in the first outing. Usually, crime thrillers take off with a lot of thrust and then stabilize in the middle to prepare for an enthralling climax. On the contrary, Delhi Crime season 2 looks pale until the first half of the third episode.  


A lot of times during Delhi Crime season 2, I wondered whether a particular thing could have been presented differently. Some of the scenes were meant to elevate the experience, but the problem here is they don’t get to feature in their prime form.

Even the climax could have been better picturized to scale the heights of fascination. Moreover, Rasika Duggal’s character had an immense scope of growth. I am not talking about her transformation from the first to the second season but her evolution within the latter.

Delhi Crime season 1 again did well in this aspect, giving Rasika the wings to grow. Remember, the second season of any show must stand apart from the first outing, and it should be an improvement instead of a mere formality.

Final Word

It is tough to outrightly praise or reject Delhi Crime season 2. The Indian show on Netflix has its pros and cons to help you make a decision. However, due to its short length (5 episodes), I suggest you give it a go.

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