After binging shows like The Girl in the Mirror, Kleo, and Echoes, I desperately needed a change of genres, and Netflix never fails to offer that. It has come up with a new film, That’s Amor, a romantic comedy.

Does it bring the much-needed charm it promises, or does the movie fail to grab your affection? Let me take you through my That’s Amor review.

That’s Amor Review Summary

Swimming through the waters of loss and love, That’s Amor manages to infuse tranquility into your busy lives. It has the ingredients, and it also prepares a dish. However, is it up to your tastes or not is the question.

That’s Amor Synopsis

Sofia struggles to manage her job as a Graphic Designing assistant. Added to her woes are her marital issues. On the other hand, Matias is a chef who has a girlfriend, but that’s about it. How will the two meet?

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Directed by Shaun Paul Piccinino, That’s Amor stars Riley Dandy (Sofia), Isaac Gonzalez Rossi (Matias), Nancy Lenehan (Lainie), Daniel Edward Mora (Guillermo), Arlene Tur (Viviana), Kimberley Drummond (Olivia), Bryan Craig (Richard), Rose Portillo (Julietta), and Tom Wright (Henry), among others.

What Works for That’s Amor?


From the first frame to the final cut of That’s Amor, you will feel warm. It springs heartwarming feelings and allows you to leave the usual stress behind. The conversations between the lead, the subtle musical touch, and almost zero clutter make That’s Amor a fruitful watch.


I never fail to mention the importance of writing in a film or show. As a writer, you cannot have a bad day in the office. And the scribblers of That’s Amor ensure to keep you attentive. Yes, there are some minor loopholes in the second half, but they are hardly noticeable.

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Furthermore, humor is invoked at regular intervals to make you laugh. The efficient use of comedy is necessary to save the story from drowning, especially when you are trying to be crafty and not pretentious.

The Romantic Chemistry

A film about love cannot perform well unless the chemistry between the lead pair outshines everything else. Rile Dandy and Isaac Gonzalez Rossi team up to serve charm together. They don’t try to be convincing and instead let their countenance do the talking.

The best part is that you would never get bored watching the two in That’s Amor. I am sure you have come across movies where it is all about physical intimacy and not conversational attachment. For the majority of the part, That’s Amor is about good conversations.


Rile Dandy as Sofia will win your heart with her alluring charm. She’s sweet, calm, composed, and adorable. In some scenes, Dandy is intricate, and when required, she shows the impromptu side of her acting talent. The magnetic energy she brings to the table is soothingly impressive.

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Dandy’s most commendable acting trait is her idea of befriending the camera. It helps her create a congenial environment and makes the viewer feel warm. Throughout the duration of That’s Amor, what consistently outpours love is Rile Dandy.

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi plays Matias in That’s Amor. He infuses the other side of charm into the film. Gonzalez is funny, affable, and, most importantly, he never tries to overpower the limits of his character. His Spanish accent and some “insights” about the country’s culture and language are my takeaways from Isaac’s performance in That’s Amor.

Nancy Lenehan is a mature actress who plays a mother’s role in this Netflix film. She deals with the assignment with complete honesty and comes across well for That’s Amor.

All the other actors do a splendid job at whatever time they get on the screen.


That’s Amor is roughly one and a half hours long, meaning you can binge-watch it in a whisker. Moreover, the Netflix film doesn’t feel like a heavy load to intake. It is crisp and with zero fluff. Heartwarming films are vulnerable to laziness, but, fortunately, this doesn’t stand true for That’s Amor.

What Doesn’t Work for That’s Amor?

Nothing, to be precise. Movies like That’s Amor are meant to be enjoyed as a short and cheerful watch.

Final Word

With a contained duration, That’s Amor does brilliantly well to affably pamper you. You would feel close to the love story and particularly love some of the conversations between the lead pair. I’d suggest you watch it.

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