The Girl in the Mirror Review Netflix: Convoluted to the depth, Spain Surprises with a Well-made Suspenseful and Eerie Show

Has it not been long since we were last served with a show causing trepidations? For me, yes! Horror films have reduced these days, and shows surrounding such a theme require immense attention while making.

It is not easy to strike the audience with the terror of ghosts and spirits. However, attempts are always welcome. A new series from Spain, The Girl in the Mirror, has begun streaming on Netflix. It aims to bring you chilling vibes and eerie feelings.

Does it succeed? Let’s find out.

The Girl in the Mirror Review Summary

Intricately presented, The Girl in the Mirror stands apart as an Eerie Teen series. It keeps you hooked till the last frame and efficiently manages the twists and turns.

Keep reading my The Girl in the Mirror review for a detailed analysis of this Spanish series on Netflix.

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The Girl in the Mirror Synopsis

Image Credits: Netflix

An unfortunate and ghastly road accident topples the life of a bunch of teenagers. Their survival and death depend on the eerie mysteries of the past. Furthermore, Therion, a demon, has to reincarnate as a human. But it cannot happen unless his five shadows enter the bodies of youngsters who are on the verge of death.

Will Therion be able to find a way back to this world and change its present shape? Or there’s another side to the story waiting to be explored?

Created by Sergio G. Sanchez, The Girl in the Mirror stars Mireia Oriol (Alma & Lara), Alex Villazan (Tom), Pol Monen (Bruno), Javier Morgade (Martin), Nil Cardoner (Roque), Maria Caballero (Diana), Claudia Roset (Deva), Milena Smit (Nico), Marta Belaustegui (Pilar), Josean Bengoetxea (Roman), Alejandro Serrano (Alex), Elena Irureta (Aurora), and Katia Borlado (Berta), among others in lead roles.

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What Works for The Girl in the Mirror?

Concept and Execution

A lot depends on the concept when a viewer decides to watch the first episode of a series. I won’t call the idea of The Girl in the Mirror a first, but yes, it is unique and alluring. Using legends from the past as a fictional tactic and then bringing ghosts to the fore makes this Spanish series worth watching.

Image Credits: Netflix

Furthermore, the execution is top-notch. Everything is perfectly put to work, be it the editing part or the implementation of gory scenes. The makers have ensured nothing falls apart while bracing the viewers with an intriguing concept.

Intricate Storyline

The story of The Girl in the Mirror is convoluted, complex, and hard to brush aside. You cannot miss anything because there are linkages and attestations with what happens next in the series. The detailing done by the makers is also commendable.

Furthermore, the show is made on a large scale and is supposed to enhance further in the second season. All the directors have ensured a crisp hold on the plot, and they never fail to amaze you with some brilliant sequences.

Suspenseful and Emotional

The Girl in the Mirror has several twists and turns that keep you involved in the story. It is hard to predict and difficult to judge in one glance. Almost every episode has a climax and discovery that accentuate the overall experience.

Image Credits: Netflix

You would love the happenings and wait with bated breath for the things about to unfold on the screen. Moreover, another plus point is the emotional depth of The Girl in the Mirror. In a way, the show bases itself on the feeling of departure.

What happens when you lose someone? How do you cope with a youngster’s demise? This Spanish series on Netflix makes you think and tries to swivel your thought process on the way.


The pace of The Girl in the Mirror is on the slower side but what kept me attentive were the comebacks. Whenever you start feeling things are getting out of hand and laziness is taking over, the makers bring forward something scintillating.


Image Credits: Netflix

Mireia Oriol plays a double role in The Girl in the Mirror. Her main character of Alma is at the core of the series. The actor brings nuances to the table with her effortless outing. From the very first sight, you get the feeling of her being significant to the plot.

Oriol infuses the proper flow of emotions in a series that aims to have a strong sentimental core. There’s artistic depth in her intonations, variations in her expressions, and captivation in her demeanor. These things, when combined, create a serious blend of screen experiences that you are bound to adore.

However, both of her characters have similar features, probably because they are sisters. I would have instead liked seeing Mireia bringing some distinct aspects from her personal acting weaponry.

Image Credits: Netflix

Alex Villazan as Tom delivers a calm, composed, and intelligent expedition. While Oriol walked on the same trajectory, Villazan brought a few layers to his act, making it more sumptuous. Another reason to admire him is the way he shrewdly and gradually creates a path of his own. The second season of The Girl in the Mirror would probably hold him in higher esteem.

Claudia Roset plays Deva in this Spanish show on Netflix. You will find her proficient and multi-faceted without forcing herself to be convincing. The Girl in the Mirror allows Roset to add a touch of grayness to her act, which makes her stand out.

Pol Monen is Bruno in The Girl in the Mirror. He is that supportive yet independent character you witness in most of the stories. Monen’s expressions and dialogue delivery are apt and well-outlined by him. Though he doesn’t have a long screen presence in the show, there’s a lot to like about his limited outing.

I personally wanted Maria Caballero to have a more extended stay, but the script denied her the chance. It is not because I am her fan but because she has that uncanny ability to be manipulative through her performance. She is brilliant as a composed sister trying to protect her brother. The second season of The Girl in the Mirror will surely see her rise.

Image Credits: Netflix

Milena Smit, as Nico, regularly springs mysteries in The Girl in the Mirror. Her acting prowess is pretty high on the scale, and she never feels out of touch. Smit aces every scene and comes across as a surprise package.

Nil Cardoner is the intense part of The Girl in the Mirror. He plays Roque in the show and overtly displays his capabilities. How he ensures the growth of his character from being almost non-existent to becoming pivotal was exciting to witness.

What Doesn’t Work for The Girl in the Mirror?

Slow Pace

Though the series has everything in place, I feel the speed of narration could have been brisker. It is slow moving which, at times, leads to dreariness. Though the story makes up for its pace, The Girl in the Mirror would have been more scintillating with a quicker speed.

Final Word

The Girl in the Mirror is a perfect series for suspense lovers and those interested in other-worldly stories. It has moments of horror, suspense, and several hair-raising scenes. You can put this on your binge-watching list without a second thought.

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