Sometimes, a well-made American thriller series is all you need to binge-watch on a rough day. Shows like Manifest, Designated Survivor, and The Recruit are just to name a few.

I have been waiting for The Night Agent ever since it was listed on Netflix. It had a hook, specifically because of its exciting premise.

The ten-episode long series is a political mystery thriller helmed by Shawn Ryan, available in over ten languages, including English.

I am not sure about the hype of the series; still, going by the premise, I think it must have created some buzz among the viewers.

Well, how does The Night Agent fare? I will present its pluses and minuses in my review once I am done furnishing some basic information about the series.

The Night Agent Synopsis

It follows an FBI Agent, who is tasked with monitoring an emergency phone line at the precinct. The largely useless job sends his life into a frenzy as he answers a panic call and the quest to uncover a deadly plot against the country begins. But first, he must find a mole at the White House.

Based on the novel by Matthew Quirk, The Night Agent stars Gabriel Basso (Peter), Lucianne Buchanan (Rose), Fola Evans-Akingbola (Chelsea), Sarah Desjardins (Maddie), Eve Harlow, Phoenix Raei, Enrique Murciano, W.B. Woodside, Hong Chau (Farr), among others.

What Works for The Night Agent?

Almost everything goes in favor of the series, starting with the mysteriously suspenseful storyline. Ideas revolving around agents and spies have been going around for ages.

So, it is not neoteric and that’s the biggest advantage of The Night Agent. Despite being in familiar territory, the series is able to capture your attention.

You might predict some of the twists but how they come to the fore is the real gameplay. The fact that The Night Agent has been adapted from a novel makes up for the intricate writing.

Moreover, one-on-one action has been used in a limited quantity. I wish there were more of them but chase sequences fill the void.

The biggest positive of the series is its thrilling screenplay. It practically trumps all other advantages and brushes the downsides.

Propelled by a stirring background score, the rousing screenplay keeps you on the tenterhooks. In many ways, it also helps the narrative to set in on its own.

The cliffhangers seem genuine when they come from a non-authoritative origin.

Furthermore, there is no dullness in how The Night Agent has been plotted. I usually take breaks in between while watching a long series, but with the one at hand, I barely pushed the chair.

I haven’t read the novel. Still, the makers must have changed several parts to suit the screen. And, going by what I saw, they have done a commendable job.

How About the Performances?

Gabriel Basso is superlative in The Night Agent as an FBI agent. Natural, fragile, and miles away from being unconquerable, his gritty mien allows you to feel for the character.

The intermittent raw avatar of Basso brings along fumes of mashed emotions. And the moment he gets to have the upper hand, you suddenly begin adoring his physical attributes.

Affability in The Night Agent comes in the form of Lucianne Buchanan. She ably defines on-screen resilience while silently throwing her charm at the audience.

The Night Agent. Luciane Buchanan as Rose Larkin in episode 103 of The Night Agent. Cr. Dan Power/Netflix © 2023

Her superb action stints add more to the plot. Buchanan’s held-back emotions, accurate expressions, and undeniable acting proficiency put the series together.

Hong Chau as Farr does look like a government employee but her extra white hair was just too much to avoid in The Night Agent. The makers could have instead gone for something subtle.

On the acting front, Chau excels, thanks to her restricted dialogue delivery.

Fola Evans-Akingbola plays Chelsea and leaves no stone untethered to furnish a powerful expedition. She confidently traverses the zone where female characters are generally not allowed to roam around.

What Doesn’t Work for The Night Agent?

Nothing is precisely off about the show. However, compared with its counterparts, The Night Agent is a tad slower.

I watched the same episode at 1x and at 1.25x and the latter seemed more appropriate.

Should you Stream or Skip The Night Agent?

It is recommended from my end. You won’t be disappointed upon finishing the series.

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