Munnar is one of Kerala’s most well-known destinations. It is recognized for the breathtaking views combined with a serene environment.

It is a place hard to resist and easy to adore. When visiting a new site, there are several things to do and avoid. If you are planning to step into Munnar for the first time, here’s a travel guide to offer you a pleasant experience.

Consider the weather conditions

Munnar is a refreshing destination to visit. It is also cooler than other spots along the coasts and nearby towns.

In fact, if you see it around January, you will find this location to be warmer than the other sites near Munnar. However, in the evenings, it becomes considerably cooler.

The variable weather makes it necessary for you to plan your trip in advance and carry luggage accordingly. Don’t stuff too much of warm clothes and even avoid packing a lot of summery stuff.

When travelling to Munnar, it is always better to maintain a good balance and prepare yourself for a polarized weather experience.

Make hotel reservations in advance

Well, I’m sure you’re planning your trip to Munnar right now, but we recommend that you book your accommodation ahead of time.

Munnar may get very crowded during the peak season, so reserving ahead of time can be a sensible move.

Even in off seasons, if you book beforehand, there’s a good chance of grabbing discounted prices since hotels are seeking guests to cover costs.

Places that should not be missed out

You will fall in love with Munnar’s scenic beauty, which will provide delight to your heart. The spectacular tea estates, where you can take some pleasant strolls, and the wonderful sights of the mesmerizing Anamudi Peak, located in the famed Eravikulam National Park, are notable destinations in Munnar.

There are numerous other beautiful sites in Munnar. Some of them include the waters of the Mattupetty Dam, the famed Rose Garden, and the Pothamedu View Point, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Best Time To Visit Munnar

Because Kerala has tropical weather, it is difficult to enjoy the outdoors for long periods of time. If you despise sweating and hot temperatures, the winter months of December to February are ideal for a trip to Munnar.

When the weather stays around 15 degrees during the day, it’s comfortable to roam about outside.

However, with beautiful weather comes peak tourist season, which drives up hotel prices in Munnar.

National Parks to pay a compulsory Visit

Munnar has many national parks that you can visit. You will have a fantastic time stopping by them. However, I would recommend you stick to the established pathways while visiting the national parks, as straying can be extremely dangerous.

While hiking in the national parks, you will encounter several rangers who will remind you to keep on the defined trails. Drifting off the paths is illegal and risky.

Rangers are stationed around the parks to provide directions and ensure that you stay on the designated trails.

Food to try in Munnar

Common Indian food can be easily found in Munnar’s significant restaurants, as well as a variety of vegetarian restaurants serving the best of Keralite cuisine.

Most of your vegetarian dishes have coconut milk as a distinctive ingredient. This location also features cuisines with a special flavor of curry leaves and unique homegrown spices.

You can savor the flavor of a delectable Masala Dosa here. So, there’s no way you are going to get enough of Munnar’s tasty dishes.

Traditional practices to explore and follow in Munnar

When visiting Munnar, you will come across several Hindu temples and Muslim mosques. It is recommended that you remove your shoes and leave them outside while visiting them.

I would encourage you to dress modestly while in Munnar. The town is conservative and PDA and inappropriate attire are not permitted.

Also, I advocate bartering while shopping in Munnar’s local marketplaces because it will result in significant savings.

Essentials to carry while traveling to Munnar

Keeping a sunscreen handy in your visit to Munnar is a clever idea because it gets pretty hot during the day.

Also, especially if you’re visiting Munnar in the rainy season, I recommend having your insect repellent cream on you at all times.

These are just some pointers that will help you have a comfortable and stress-free journey to Munnar.

I hope you enjoy your time in this fantastic land, which will bring you joy and happiness. Moreover, I am confident that this travel advice will prove useful during your visit to Munnar.

So, don’t waste any time and book a vacation to Munnar today.

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