Artwork from around the world is on display on Netflix almost every week. Only recently I watched a film from Sweden, and before that, one each from Spain, Mexico, Britain, and the list goes on.

That’s the biggest benefit of spending money on Netflix. You can travel across the globe from the comfort of your home.

The last week was about some amazing new shows on the platform, ranging from Tooth Pari to One More Time.

A fan of Turkish films, I also came across Chokehold, a new movie originating from the region after Oh Belinda.

Chokehold is almost two hours long and it is tagged as a Thrilling and Suspenseful drama. If you are yet to watch the film, here is my review to help you out.

What is the Story of Chokehold?

After being part of an infamous scandal, a couple decides to move into a new locality, trying to get rid of the past.

However, unwelcoming faces and hostile attitudes from the residents push them into a hole. Will the couple be able to survive in a chokehold? If yes, how?

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Onur Saylak, Chokehold stars Kivanc Tatilug (Yalin) and Funda Eryigit (Beyza) in lead roles.

What Works for Chokehold?                    

I can never fail to point out a unique idea that stems from the most common activities. Chokehold finds solace in simplistic reality. Still, it manages to seem novel.

The engrossing part is the film’s execution. It sets up quietly, without being a burden to the viewer’s intellect. From there, situations arise out of helplessness on most occasions.

Furthermore, the slow-burning tension in Chokehold’s narration is delectable. You are not served a sudden bomb of revelations or action, for that matter.

Things happen gradually. And, let me just point out, the pace of the movie is double-edged. The slow-burning part is its positive side.

Moreover, the makers have shot the movie beautifully. Chokehold’s cinematography adds sparkle to its overall evaluation.

The panoramic shots, the ones with the wide-angle camera, and even the portrait captures are serene from the outset.

I also liked the ending of Chokehold, especially the final scene. It covers up the lost ground to some extent.

How are the Performances?

Kivanc Tatilug plays Yalin in Chokehold. The story revolves around his character. From the very first frame, you get the intuition that he has got some gray shade to his demeanor.

Image Credits: Netflix

That shady personality is aced to perfection by the Turkish actor. He starts the ship with patience and goes on to anchor it with mild intensity after the interval.

Funda Eryigit is honest as Beyza. She supports the narrative using her affable screen presence. The makers could have strengthened her character a bit more, in my opinion.

What Doesn’t Work for Chokehold?

As I mentioned earlier, the film’s pace doesn’t totally work in its favor. Chokehold is slow. In fact, you might find it dull as well.

The story is not consistently abuzz with happenings. It stops, becomes stagnant, tries to meander into unfamiliar lanes, and does all sorts of unwanted things before catching up again.

Chokehold hangs on a quiet screenplay, for the most part, not doing justice to the suspense thriller genre.

Also, am I the only one who thinks the protagonist is made to get away too easily?

Additionally, I feel the length could have been trimmed by at least fifteen minutes. The present runtime can come out as stretched for many viewers.

Is Chokehold watchable?

It is an average film, let down by a slow and dull narration. You might like it if you are a fan of Turkish movies.

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