Another Friday and another trip to the cinema hall. This time, it is Ayushmann Khurrana, Bollywood’s game changer, who has come up with a new film.

His last outing, Doctor G, was a critical success even though it couldn’t garner huge numbers at the box office.

Accompanying him is Jaideep Ahlawat, a man of both the masses and classes. He last appeared in The Broken News. Ahlawat is coming to the big screen after a decent gap, as far as I remember.

An Action Hero is Ayushmann’s first action film in a career spanning almost a decade. The movie promises thrill and exhilaration through a pacy plot. My An Action Hero review will tell you if it comes good on the pledge or not. Let’s begin.

What is the story of An Action Hero?

Manav, a famous actor, known for his action films, accidentally kills Vicky and escapes to the UK. However, Vicky’s brother Bhoora vows to take revenge. Directed by Anirudh Iyer, An Action Hero stars Ayushmann Khurana (Manav) and Jaideep Ahlawat (Bhoora) in lead roles.

The movie fares well in several departments starting with its storyline, which is enjoyable for the most part. It doesn’t have too many twists, but, as they say, sometimes the lesser, the better.

You would find news anchors screaming for attention with hashtags like boycott Bollywood. Anirudh Iyer draws parallels with how the media controls the narrative in its quest for higher TRPs, which is, of course, not new but relatable.

Further elevation comes from the brisk pace of the plot. Usually, I wait for the interval or at least have it in my mind, but while watching An Action Hero, I didn’t realize when the intermission came.

Also, you will love the action sequences in the film. The one-to-one encounters between the lead pair are brilliant and reminded me of Vikram Vedha. Some chase sequences are riveting, involving Ayushmann Khurrana and the cops.

One notable point is that the makers have avoided mindless and dominating fights. Instead, you are served with believable brawls.

An Action Hero has a roaring background score, which, thankfully, doesn’t hinder its prospects and works in the movie’s favor.

In the acting department, you have two superlative performers of Indian Cinema.

Ayushmann Khurrana imbibes the true spirit of a dashing and pretentious actor in his first action film. Making waves through heavy-lifting dialogues, he keeps your interest afloat.

His rawness, deceiving comportment, and sparkling screen presence are some of the highlights of An Action Hero. Understandably, this one is not the Khurrana film you are used to watching.

Jaideep Ahlawat – the man, the myth, the legend – remarkably sets the tempo in An Action Hero. He thrives with a dominating, palpable, and unrestricted performance.

As we have seen earlier, Jaideep uses his biggest quality of fervent dialogue delivery to the fullest. Also, hailing from Rohtak, Ahlawat naturally aces the Haryanvi accent.

All the interactions between the two lead actors are exciting to the core. In simple words, An Action Hero is a tale of two brilliant performers pitted against each other.

Topping the list of things that don’t precisely work for An Action Hero is its feeble concept. The idea of a goon chasing an actor for revenge is somewhat absorbing; however, only up to a point.

After a while, it becomes repetitive despite the short duration of the film. Also, how they have ignored the competence of the UK Police is questionable.

With violence roaring around, the cops should have been used more effectively or, at least, their incompetence should have been presented with more vigor.

While the first half of An Action Hero is captivating, the second one loses its grip midway. However, the good thing is the movie makes a comeback once things settle down.

Should you watch An Action Hero?

An Action Hero can be watched in theaters if you love action films. Another reason is the lead pair of Ayushmann and Jaideep. Both have done a fabulous job, especially the latter.

Moreover, the highly negative point of the film is its concept. The story is fine.

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Is there Akshay Kumar in An Action Hero?

Yes, Akshay Kumar plays a cameo in the film.

Where will An Action Hero stream?

An Action Hero will stream on Netflix.

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