Voltas is a well-known brand and a part of the Tata group, which is synonymous with quality and longevity. Whenever “Tata” comes to mind, the buyer inside you always says, “Go ahead.”

Having spotless & germ-free utensils without any manual interaction was a myth until the invention of the Dishwasher. 

It’s even more challenging in the present pandemic situation when everyone in the family is working from home, and you are averse to allowing the maid inside.

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So, if you are staying in and saying “No” to the house help during the pandemic, this Dishwasher from Tata might interest you. 

However, buying an expensive product for the Indian Middle Class is still a hard-fought decision. To help you in the process, I have penned down a blog containing the Dishwasher’s features, specifications, and other facets. 

I am writing this review after using the Voltas dishwasher for almost 4 months. While buying one, I was skeptical about the performance since the amount I was spending was huge (for me). Has it satisfied me or not? Well, read on to find out.


This Dishwasher is designed for a small family (3 members) to meet the need of cleaning dishes without any hassle. It runs on electricity & uses 8 -13 liters of water to wash one load of utensils. 

Moreover, it provides hygienic cleaning using powerful water jets & high temperatures. The main attraction is its compatible size, allowing the Dishwasher to fit into the kitchen top.


Body: The body is made of stainless steel & it’s fully integrated. The Dishwasher comes with 2 racks which are easily movable & provide free space for different kinds of utensils. 

It has two spinning arms, one upper & one lower. 

Size: 50L x 55W x 59.5H Centimetres

Weight: 25 – 26 Kg

Water Consumption: 8 – 13 liters (Depends on the wash program, Mini program uses the least)

Color Options: It’s available in silver color on Amazon & Flipkart.

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The Dishwasher is compact and fits perfectly in my kitchen.

You can install the Dishwasher on your own. It doesn’t need much hard work. I bought a T shape tap, a connecter for pipe (due to different sizes of pipe and tap opening), Teflon tape & a plier to connect the pipe for water supply. 

You can also buy an extension pipe if the given one is small for your connection. It depends on how far you place your dishwater from the tap area, though. 

There is one drainpipe for the used water outlet, which needs to be connected at the back of the Dishwasher with the other end placed into the sink so that hot water (drains out with pressure) doesn’t harm you.

For free installation, the brand will contact you within 36 hours. I suggest you keep your tap (that needs to be connected with Dishwasher’s pipe for water supply) ready. 

Else, they will charge you more for the tap they will use. You can easily buy one from the local market carrying the Dishwasher’s pipe for size.

The salesperson may offer you other things like Dishwasher detergent & salt, but it’s advisable not to buy from them if you want to save on money.

Instead, you can order these things online by comparing the prices on different websites.

Now, let’s talk about some other aspects of the product.


The Dishwasher comes with six wash programs to assist you comprehensively. These wash programs are suitable for all kinds of utensils in the Indian kitchen, including stainless steel, ceramic, hard plastic & glass. 

It provides superior cleaning even if you leave the dishes overnight & wash them in the morning. The wash programs are:

  1. Intensive (2 Hrs,40 mins): For heaviest soiled utensils. It works great for all kinds of utensils by washing & drying them all together.
  2. Normal (2 hrs, 30 mins): For lightly soiled utensils.
  3. Eco: For normally soiled utensils. It saves energy & water consumption.
  4. Glass care (1 hr, 35 mins): For glass & fine crockery.
  5. Clean & shine (1hr, 30 mins): For lightly soiled crockery & glasses.
  6. Mini (35 mins): For plates, glasses, bowls & cutlery. Provides a quick wash without drying up the utensils.

Once the dishwasher program ends, switch it off and leave the door open (slightly) for a little while, as keeping it shut creates a warm, damp environment. After 10-15 mins, you can take out the washed utensils.

Note: It’s advisable to avoid washing the utensils in the Dishwasher that are made up of iron & aluminum. Non-sticks should also be avoided. The hot water can stain the surface of these utensils & harsh detergent can dull the finish.


  1. Take out all the left-over food from the dishes before placing them inside.
  2. Pull the rack outside, place all the plates, thalis, drinking glasses & other cookware on the lower shelf. Other tableware like cutlery, teacups & small bowls can be placed over the upper rack.
  3. Place utensils in such a way that they do not face the sides of the Dishwasher (plates should face each other). 
  4. All the utensils that are deep inside (cookware, bowls, glasses) should be placed facing the base of the Dishwasher. Else, the water will be left inside in the end.
  5. You can place 4 thalis at one time, one at the back inside, the other on the left side & 2 in the front. Just make sure that you don’t put anything in the way of spinning arms.


Tea Pan before wash.
Tea Pan after wash.
  1. PRE-WASH – This cycle doesn’t occur in the “clean & shine” and “mini” program. While pouring the detergent, you must put it in both the detergent compartments for the prewash cycle programs.
  2. WASH – It’s a normal washing process using detergent.
  3. RINSE – It provides a final clean splash of water to your dishes.
  4. DRYING – It’s the process of drying out all the dishes. However, this does not occur in the “Mini” wash program.

Note: If there is a power cut while the Dishwasher is running, it will start over again from the beginning of the cycle. For example, if it’s running the Rinse cycle & there is a power cut in between, it will start the Rinse cycle again once the power is back.

If you are aware of the power cut in advance, just pause the Dishwasher beforehand, and you can start it again once the electricity is back.


  1. Dishwasher detergent – There are a variety of detergents available in the market (Finish, Fortune, Vim, Bosch, etc.). But the best one is “Bosch.” It clears the stains efficiently from teacups without soaking them in water before washing. Vim doesn’t clear the tea stains even after soaking.
  2. Dishwasher Salt – Dishwasher detergent works excellent with soft water. It’s required to protect your machine from limescale and assist with the machine’s water softening process. 
  3. Rinse aid – It helps lower the surface tension of water & assist the drying function. So, instead of water forming droplets, clinging to surfaces, and leaving behind spots, it just rolls right off your dishes. In short, it makes your dishes stain-free from watermarks. You can change the rinse aid dispenser setting from 1 (min) to 6 (max) levels.

Note: You don’t need to load salt and rinse aid each time you run the Dishwasher. The display will show the specific marking as red whenever it needs a refill.

Inbuilt heater: It delivers a hot wash to your soiled dishes, makes them germ-free, offers top-notch cleaning potential, cuts grease, kills microorganisms and bacteria, and reduces drying time. 


I have bought it from Amazon for Rs. 18010.87 INR after bank discount on the original price of Rs. 19499.00 (MRP is Rs. 25,990). The delivery was on time & the packaging was great.

It was tightly packed to resist scratches and bumps. You will have to open and check it at the time of delivery for any physical damage. 

It will need a 15-ampere socket to run the Dishwasher.


Based on my personal experience, I would suggest you go for it if you have a small family. It’s not a bad deal in this price range. 

Moreover, it cleans the cookware (pressure cooker & milk vessels) very well. The only issue I faced was washing the tea vessel after multiple uses. It will be nicely cleaned if you wash it after one use.

What to do if washing the tea vessel after several uses?

Just take out the pan immediately once the dishwasher program ends & clean it with your own scrub & washing detergent. Since it is washed with hot water, the wetness would be there & it would be soaked. So, it would only take you 30 secs to clean it, not much hard work required.

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