“What do you do?” “I am a writer.” “I meant, what do you do to earn an income?”

There cannot be a more apt profession to draw parallels between money and dreams.

The world doesn’t work on talent, it works on its monetary value.

Society often places great importance on financial success, equating it with happiness and fulfillment.

However, for individuals like me who have been caught in the messy web of dreams versus money, this debate takes on a deeply personal dimension.

In this blog, I want to share some tidbits from my own journey (just tidbits), highlighting the struggles and insights gained along the way.

Together, we will explore why money matters and why it shouldn’t overshadow our dreams, and how we can find a balance that allows us to pursue both.

The Significance of Money

Money is an undeniable reality of modern life, and it undoubtedly holds importance for various reasons.

At the end of the day, you have got to pay your bills. No one else will do that for you. Moreover, nothing comes without a cost.

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At home, you would pay for the electricity, at least. At a café, you would pay for the space. Doesn’t matter where you are, even breathing incurs cost.

Add to it the emotional flamboyance of chasing your passions, and life will test you every day.

I learned this lesson the hard way when I found myself struggling to make ends meet while chasing my dreams.

Like many passionate individuals, I embarked on a journey to follow my heart’s desires, leaving behind several opportunities at a stable job, which would have ensured financial security.

The initial exhilaration of pursuing my dreams soon faded as the practicalities of life set in. Bills piled up, and the weight of financial uncertainty began to overshadow my aspirations.

I realized whatever I earn, it will always fall short of my needs and wants.

The fact is that you will never be satisfied.

However, individuals who dream are ready to sacrifice a fair share of the materialistic world. They know what is at stake.

On one hand, it’s their freedom to leap forward, and on the other, it is their shrinking ability to survive.

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Financial stability gives us a sense of security and freedom. With money, we can afford basic necessities, such as food, shelter, and healthcare, ensuring a higher quality of life.

This realization hit me hard during a particularly challenging period when I had to sacrifice my dreams temporarily to prioritize financial stability.

It was a difficult decision, but it allowed me to regain my footing and create a more solid foundation for my future pursuits.

Moreover, money serves as a measure of success in our society. Accumulating wealth often signifies accomplishment, influence, and power.

The allure of this recognition can be tempting, leading many to prioritize financial gains over their dreams.

I am sure you have been there and dealt with the situation in the most feasible manner.

As for me, I find myself grappling with this dilemma almost every week, questioning whether I should abandon my passions for the promise of financial security and societal validation.

But, the sensation of fulfilling the desires of my heart have kept me at bay till now.

The Importance of Dreams

While money offers tangible benefits, dreams possess an intangible, intrinsic value that transcends monetary wealth.

All of us know the significance of dreams. But we also know how immensely important it is to earn.

Therefore, most of us don’t solely pursue our aspirations.

We tend to have a backup plan in place without realizing that over time, dreams become our backup and the backup becomes the primary work we do to survive.

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The problem with having a long-term dream is that a thought of it is always around you. Try as hard as you can, there will be a moment of truth that will push you to your ultimate goal.

After a 9–10-hour job, when you are on your way back home, you think of your dream.

When you are at home on the weekend, you have a dying thought about your passion.

The bathroom, the metro station, night strolls, the gym, the silent moments at the café, everything sends you in one direction: the pursuit of the dream you left behind.

Why is that our dreams never leave us even after we ditch them?

Dreams are the seeds of passion, the fuel that drives us towards personal fulfillment and genuine happiness.

They represent our deepest desires, ambitions, and aspirations, giving life meaning beyond material possessions.

Pursuing our dreams allows us to fully express ourselves, tapping into our unique talents and potential.

It is through this pursuit that we discover our true purpose and unlock our greatest potential.

This realization dawned on me during a moment of clarity, when I reflected on the moments of pure joy and satisfaction I experienced while pursuing my passions.

The monetary rewards paled in comparison to the intrinsic value of following my dreams.

Furthermore, dreams provide a sense of purpose and contribute to our overall well-being. When we align our actions with our aspirations, we experience a profound sense of fulfillment.

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The satisfaction derived from following one’s dreams goes beyond monetary rewards, as it resonates on a soulful level.

Dreams allow us to leave a lasting legacy and make a positive impact on the world, which is something money alone can never provide.

Though the easiest way to end this blog would be by putting out a paragraph that tells you to create a balance between money and dreams.

However, I would instead go on and try to invest my energies into why you should prefer dreams over money.

Money or Dreams?

Now, imagine you only had one choice to make. Either you could be a person full of wealth or an individual who can risk anything to achieve their dreams (which might eventually make you rich).

When circumstances force us into a corner where we feel we must prioritize financial stability, it is easy to overlook the importance of dreams.

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We convince ourselves that we can postpone or abandon our passions in favor of financial security.

However, in these moments of adversity, it becomes all the more crucial to recognize the profound impact that dreams can have on our lives.

Choosing dreams over money, even when it seems like we have no other choice, is an act of resilience, self-belief, and courage.

It is a commitment to our own happiness and personal growth, despite the obstacles in our path.

But then, What About Money? How Would we Sustain Ourselves?

Many a times in life, we get to make difficult choices, with very few options. That is when it becomes essential to think creatively and find alternative paths that align with our dreams.

This might involve seeking part-time work to sustain ourselves while dedicating the remaining time and energy to our passions.

It could mean finding ways to monetize our skills and talents, turning our dreams into a viable source of income.

By exploring these possibilities, we can carve out a path that allows us to chase our dreams while still addressing our financial needs.

Final Word

You will want to give up, keep no doubts. Chasing dreams is always easier said than done. There is a world out there waiting to pounce on you if you fail. I get it.

We also an ostentatious social media, which mostly succeeds in giving major FOMOs.

Did I mention the society’s love for conventional jobs?

Come what may, NEVER GIVE UP on your dreams without giving your ultimate best..

Never make your dream a backup. At the end of the day, money will flow.

Thanks for reading.

Featured Image credits: Photo by carolyn christine on Unsplash

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