WATER, WATER, AND WATER- water everywhere! 

During the monsoon season, several places in Kolkata get waterlogged due to heavy rains lashing the city. Often, daily life comes to a standstill as people struggle to wade through knee-deep water in every nook and cranny. 

Many daily wage workers report that their beds get submerged in water due to high precipitation. Their homes and roofs get destroyed as a consequence of incessant rainfall. Can things get worse than this?

Yes, they can! Due to tremendous rain, their incomes tend to decrease too. The condition worsened in the lockdown when some had no food for many days. 

Last September, Kolkata recorded its highest amount of rainfall in 13 years. It rained continuously for a week. Such a scenario led to waterlogging in several areas of the city.

The situation deteriorated as days passed, with water levels constantly remaining above the waist height!

Are you tensed about what’s going to happen this monsoon? Well, I have compiled a few tips to help you get sorted.

Do Not Forget to Check Weather Forecasts

Image Credits: Telegraph India

Though you might be a lover of impulsive traveling, it is not something you should try on rainy days. So, before venturing out, check the weather forecast.

I am sure it will not be a problem because most weather forecast applications provide excellent records of the situation at your destination. 

Do Not Wear Clothes That are Not Waterproof

If you have a robust immune system, you might risk getting drenched. However, you must wear waterproof clothes that will restrict collateral damage.

For example, wearing synthetic clothes that get dried up within a short span and a strong pair of water-resistant footwear will protect you when it rains cats and dogs.

Moreover, these kind of clothes also prevent fungal infections. Also, keep your umbrella and raincoat with you when you are out on a monsoon expedition. 

Do Not Go Out Without Your First Aid Box

person holding first aid kit
Photo by Roger Brown on Pexels.com

You must always carry your first aid box when you are traveling. However, it becomes more significant during the Kolkata monsoon.

The reason is that you will find innumerable potholes in every district, and if you are not careful enough, the chances are that you might trip and have a bad fall.

Moreover, mosquitoes love to breed in marshy swampy areas, and this season provides them with the perfect breeding grounds in Kolkata.

Therefore, keep a repellant with you! If you get wet and fall ill, you must be ready with over-the-counter medicines for fever, cough, and cold. 

Do Not Go On Road Trips

Are you planning to go on a road trip during the rainy season? Don’t even think twice before canceling the plan.

Kolkata roads are among the most dangerous ones to opt for road trips during monsoons. Filled with potholes and waterlogging, some streets in Kolkata are too risky even to walk on during monsoons. 

Do Not Forget to Power Up

Though carrying chargers and power banks may become tough, you must do so during Kolkata monsoons. The city often suffers power outages and can become problematic during downpours.

Therefore, carrying a few extra batteries will be a great option if you use battery-operated devices.

Do Not opt For Rush Hour Travel

Image Credit: PTI

Rush hours in Kolkata are terrible. You can indeed gauge the risk you will be undertaking if you sign up for a commute during rush hours.

With all the waterlogging and holes, the streets become prone to accidents. Instead, plan a trip at a time when you will not get choked in the traffic!

Do Not Have Street Food

It can be tough to execute this plan if traveling, but this is a necessary precaution. I agree that you will not always find hygienic food wherever you go during your tour, but it is not impossible!

You can carry some ready-to-eat food and boiled water with you to solve the issue. Street food hides a plethora of germs behind its tempting covers. It might cause diarrhea, food poisoning, typhoid, and the like.

So, avoiding the risks of getting exposed to street food and water from open public spots will help you immensely. 

Everyone loves enjoying monsoons, which applies more to the City of Joy! So, taking precautionary measures will keep you safe and sound. 

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