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Kolkata Monsoon: Packing Checklist for Visiting Kolkata During Monsoon

Are you planning to visit Kolkata during the monsoon? Though the weather remains warm, you will face random heavy downpours of rain and flooded streets and mud everywhere in Kolkata.

However, you can easily stay comfortable and enjoy during the monsoon season. Let us look at some necessary information about what to pack on your next trip to the City of Joy during the rainy season.

Some general health necessities are travel first aid kits, emergency motion sickness relief medicines, power banks, plug adapters, pouches for protecting your money, and passports. In addition, families with young children must carry travel cribs, strollers, and the like.

The following list includes general COVID-19-related tips on what to take with you when traveling to Kolkata. 

COVID-19 Essentials for Your Visit to Kolkata

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Travel Insurance

COVID-19 is on the rise in some parts of India even now. Therefore, strict rules are followed everywhere. However, if you or your travel companions get stuck with no way to reach home, proper travel insurance can help. You can check the plans on the Internet and get yourself insured. 

N95 Masks

I suggest you wear N95 masks when you step out. Since these masks are not available for kids, KN95 masks are great alternatives for the little ones. Even adults can use them if they cannot find N95 masks in the market. 

Hand Sanitizer

One significant step to protect yourself from Coronavirus is washing your hands frequently. Carrying a hand sanitizer is the best option for you when visiting Kolkata during monsoon. 

Disinfecting Wipes

Under such circumstances, I suggest you keep disinfecting surfaces you touch or come in direct contact with. For this purpose, you can use travel disinfecting wipes to sanitize hotel surfaces. Of course, you can also use it on the plane and everywhere else.

Touchless Thermometer

It is a piece of crucial equipment for adults and kids to check their temperature without coming in contact with the object or the body. You can even use it to determine the temperature of an object or a room. 

If you vacay in the City of Joy during the monsoon, brace yourselves to experience high precipitation. If you are lucky, you can expect little to moderate rainfall once in a while. So, what are the things you must carry?

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Packing Checklist for Visiting Kolkata During Monsoon

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Waterproof Sandals

First, ditch fancy footwear and go for waterproof sandals. Nowadays, you can readily get your hands on an assorted collection of waterproof sandals for all ages and genders. 


The purpose of carrying a hairdryer is to help you avoid catching a cold from your wet hair. Though it might sound a little funny, you can use it to dry underwear quickly! 

Waterproof Makeup

If you are concerned about your makeup like me, bring waterproof makeup products. Combined with high humidity, rains can make your hair go messy!

Mosquito Net

Are you planning to stay in a place where mosquitoes are unavoidable? Then, do not hesitate to carry a mosquito net!

Rain Poncho

You can use a stylish fabulous rain poncho to layer it with a jacket. Select your poncho based on your preference, and get ready to feel the essence of rain and parched earth.

Rain Pants

Do you want to save yourselves from heavy rain? Rain pants act as lifesavers in such cases. However, you can mostly get it for men and women in the market and online stores.

100% Waterproof Footwear

I recommend wearing rain boots if you visit Kolkata during heavy showers. These boots will protect your feet from getting dirty.

Everyone can wear rain boots and have fun during monsoons. You can also pack some pairs of waterproof socks to save your feet from getting wet and cold during your monsoon trip. 


It is the most valuable item to shield young children from the rain. Even adults use raincoats during heavy showers. 


Needless to say, this is a piece of must-have equipment in the rainy season. I think I do not need to iterate how an umbrella can protect you during monsoons, do I? What’s more? You can opt for a windproof umbrella.

Lightweight Synthetic Apparel

You must choose your outfits wisely if you are going for a vacation to Kolkata during the monsoon season.

Since air contains substantial humidity during this time, wearing materials such as cotton and leather will make you feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, carry lightweight and synthetic clothes while you are on a monsoon getaway to Kolkata.

Waterproof Phone Bag

Besides putting your phone inside this bag, you can also keep some small valuables in it. Several waterproof phone bags are compatible with smartphones and even allow touch screen accessibility!


No amount of words will describe the significance of packing a flashlight during a monsoon trip. Despite being one of the most developed cities in the nation, Kolkata experiences power cuts frequently.

So, if you set out to explore the City of Joy after sunset, you need to carry a portable flashlight with spare batteries.  

Waterproof Luggage Cover

After keeping yourself dry and protected from the rain, you must ensure that your suitcases are dry. A waterproof bag or luggage cover is what you need to safeguard rain from seeping into your rolling suitcases or backpacks. 

Bug Repellent

Kolkata is often infested with insects and bugs that can sometimes prove harmful. So, carrying some great natural solution bug repellants and spraying them constantly will ensure your safety and comfort. 


In addition to these must-have items, you must pay proper attention to food and water hygiene to keep yourself safe and sound during your Monsoon visit to Kolkata. Are you coming to Kolkata this rainy season? If so, now is the ideal time to start packing all essentials. 

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