Suzhal – The Vortex Review: A Swashbuckling Series That Questions Your Perception and Strengthens Your Perspective

First things first, I had never imagined a Tamil web series to be more enthralling than a Hindi show. Belonging to the northern part of India, watching dubbed films never felt intriguing to me.

However, my thought process has changed with the release of some superlative movies in the past. Therefore, when Suzhal – The Vortex premiered on Amazon Prime Video, I couldn’t help but stream it in one go.

The show was being touted as a fiery crime thriller during the pre-release buzz. Moreover, the trailer further augmented the expectations.

Before I move any further, here’s a summary of my Suzhal Review (I will sometimes use’ Suzhal’ to contain the length).

Suzhal – The Vortex Review Summary

With a tantalizing screenplay and arousing plot, Suzhal keeps you glued to the screen. You will feel the rush with your adrenaline jumping up and down throughout the runtime.

Suzhal – The Vortex Synopsis

When a factory set up in a small town catches fire, one discovery leads to another, and a string of crimes comes to the fore. Set against the backdrop of a cultural festival, Mayana Kollai, Suzhal – The Vortex travails the roots of a complicated police investigation.

The series is created by Pushkar and Gayatri and directed by several individuals. Moreover, the lead cast of Suzhal – The Vortex includes Kathir (Sakkarai), Shreya Reddy (Regina), Parthiban Radhakrishnan (Shanmugham), Fedrick John (Adhisayam), Gopika Ramesh (Nila), Aishwarya Rajesh (Nandini), Harish Uthaman (Trilok Vadde) and Yusuf Hussain (Mukesh Vadde), among others.

What Works for Suzhal – The Vortex?


The narration of Suzhal – The Vortex grips you to the core and keeps you on tenterhooks. Usually, a series falls back on the narrational front at least once, but that doesn’t happen with Suzhal. It continuously grows on you while ensuring the compelling vibe stays forever.

This is precisely what was lacking in the recently released Masoom. I had pointed out how it fell from a high point to its lowest within no time. When Suzhal – The Vortex rises, it never disappoints you with a dreary outcome.

Moreover, the show’s cultural theme adds a mythological touch to the storytelling, ameliorating your binge-watching experience.


Pushkar and Gayatri have joined hands to bring you Suzhal – The Vortex. They have invested a reasonable amount of time presenting the series on the small screen. The duo’s determination is visible in their dexterous writing.

Every scene is penned after due consideration, with zero rush and ample time for characters to prosper. There are no loose moments or signs of lazy writing, as many people have come to call it. I particularly loved how Pushkar and Gayatri have layered the characters.

No one is white or black; they have a shade of gray to them, making the series more believable. If you decide to judge an individual in Suzhal – The Vortex, you will end up judging your own self. That’s how closely the characters are knit with reality.

Furthermore, the show engulfs your mind and questions your perception by invoking different twists and turns at the right moment. It shapes your perspective of looking at things. All this is the result of zealous writing.

Thrill and Mystery

Suzhal – The Vortex doesn’t lack thrill and mystery at all. With a gripping story, the series creates a compelling and enigmatic path for itself. It will leave you spellbound by showering heaps of stirring excitement.

Moreover, the plot of Suzhal – The Vortex is filled with mysteries using which it attains heights of exhilaration at pivotal moments.

The tingling reverberations resonate in your heart for a long time, and the pinch of psychic influence works like a charm for this Amazon Prime Original.


Although Suzhal – The Vortex has many marvelous performers, it is Kathir who wins your heart. He plays Sakkarai in the series and carries it ably on his shoulders. His restricted emotional presence, intelligent sense of humor, and intense execution of the task at hand leave a lasting impact.

Shreya Reddy’s scathing expressions as Regina are testament to her competency. She roars like a lioness in Suzhal – The Vortex and delivers a spectacular performance. Her intensity is arousing and perplexing to witness.

Moreover, Shreya’s emotional countenance is as good as her rough, intense reflections.

Parthiban Radhakrishnan as Shanmugham is a delight to watch. His acting speaks volumes of his experience. He’s given a role that is initially daring and dominating; however, there comes a moment when Parthiban has to contain himself to allow other characters to enter the realm.

That is when he subtly transforms himself from a skillful leader into an expressive listener. He makes sure the plot never stumbles and uses his evergreen charm to win over the viewers.

Aishwarya Rajesh plays Nandini in Suzhal – The Vortex. Initially, I didn’t consider her character to grow much, but it did, thanks to Aishwarya’s consummate acting skills. She is an artist who catches your attention quickly but takes time to grow on you.

And that is why when she gradually emerges as a stellar performer, you don’t want her to leave the screen.

Fredrick John and Gopika Ramesh are the kids who infuse joyful moments into the series. Their young blood is the fuel that Suzhal – The Vortex ever needed to march ahead.

John as Adhisayam carries the raw passion and immaturity while Gopika brings a multifaceted narrative to the show.

Harish Uthaman as Trilok Vadde seems to be putting too much effort at times, but overall, he presents what one would expect from an actor like him.

The veteran actor Yusuf Hussain continues to have his trademark smile, gentle expressions, and majestic aura while playing Mukesh Vadde in Suzhal – The Vortex.

Screenplay and Background Music

The presentation of a thriller series matters a lot for it to succeed. Suzhal – The Vortex could have ended up being an average show had it not been complemented by an electrifying screenplay.

On one hand, there’s a cultural festival, on the other, you have a police investigation going on, and on the third front are the personal relationships and issues the characters are dealing with.

Together, these elements create a whirlwind of emotions to spill magic on your senses. When the pensive, transitional, and dark background score conjoins with the screenplay, you don’t have an option but to appreciate the creators of Suzhal – The Vortex.


Capturing landscapes is one thing and creatively capturing moments of agony is another. Though Suzhal – The Vortex excels on both fronts, it shines much better when it comes to the latter. It reminded me of Ms. Marvel’s first episode, which had scenes shot using vertical transition.

Even the simplest moments have something special to them, thanks to the proficient people behind the camera.

What Doesn’t Work for Suzhal – The Vortex?

I didn’t find anything that goes awry for Suzhal – The Vortex. However, if I had to choose a point of alternate view, I would select the stretched flashback part. It could have been presented in a better manner to avoid dullness.

Final Word

Shows like Suzhal – The Vortex don’t come regularly in India. They are rare and must be appreciated, encouraged, and supported by the audience. Don’t think twice before binge-watching this series on Amazon Prime Video.


Will there be Suzhal – The Vortex season 2?

Although there hasn’t been any official announcement yet, it is almost certain that the series will be renewed for a second season.

Is Mayana Kollai a real festival?

Yes, Mayana Kollai is a festival celebrated in the Tamil month of Massi, which lasts from February to March. It is held in honor of Goddess Angala Parameshwari.

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