The first South Asian superheroine, Kamala Khan, has all of us on our toes right since the launch of Ms. Marvel. As the series gets into the third episode, I am here to review the Marvel Studios’ presentation.

For a reminder, Ms. Marvel’s first episode was about introductions and the second one allowed feelings to prosper. What about the show’s third outing? Let’s find out.

New actors, and those with more screen time, in Ms. Marvel’s third episode include Nimra Bucha, and Arian Moayed, among others.

Again, a reminder that I won’t be talking about performance to avoid repetitions since most of the actors are consistently doing a great job.

Ms. Marvel Episode 3 Review Summary

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The third episode of Ms. Marvel cannot bring anything enthralling for the audience. It is all about strengthening the storyline without fulfilling the basic needs of an adventurous show.

Ms. Marvel Episode 3 Synopsis

Till now, Ms. Marvel was about the protagonist and her powers. The third episode brings to the table a bunch of villains, throwing Kamala Khan into challenging situations. Moreover, the makers also allow Kamala to trace the origin of her mystic bangle.

What Works for Ms. Marvel Episode 3?


Now, it is clear that the creators of Ms. Marvel are more focused on the storyline than any other aspect of fantasy fiction. They are willing to give up on action and adventure in the quest to make the story interesting.

In this backdrop, considering the story as an independent aspect, Ms. Marvel does connect the dots swiftly using drama. By making the partition of India a critical point in the narration, Ms. Marvel further intrigues our curious souls.


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There are moments in Ms. Marvel when things start getting too dull. You are eagerly waiting for an upliftment. That’s when Hindi songs come to the fore and conduct a rescue operation. The wedding scenes might not have been as enjoyable without mesmerizing Bollywood music.

Also, till now, I didn’t appreciate the blend of Hindi and Urdu tunes that Ms. Marvel brings along since my expectations were on the rise. But, it is essential to commend the theme song that transports Asian vibes to the viewer.

Furthermore, the outros are also superb, with a new tune in each episode.

What Doesn’t Work for Ms. Marvel Episode 3?

Lacks Thrill

Thrill in Ms. Marvel is only for namesake. In my previous episode’s review, I pointed out how the adrenaline was still calm due to a dearth of excitement. The show still cannot invoke fire and rhythm into the sequences.

It is hard to watch an adventurous series that has only a minuscule proportion of intensity. Instead of taking a calculated approach, the makers could have been more flexible and open to risks. 

Too Dramatic

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Agreed that Ms. Marvel has south Asian roots and people in the region are more emotional, family-prone, and fragile. However, while depicting all such factors, Ms. Marvel forgets to amplify the adventure that should have been its foremost priority.

Barring the last few minutes of episode 3, there’s hardly a compelling moment to stun you. Moreover, the routine idea of infusing build-ups toward the end is now getting repetitive. You must have noticed the first episode enhanced the vibe by revealing Kamala Khan’s powers.

Then in the second outing, Kamala saved a child stuck on top of a building in the most cliched manner. Now, the third episode of Ms. Marvel flowers the final few minutes with some action sequences and enigmatic propositions.

Consistency is needed for Ms. Marvel to bounce back in the coming weeks.


Like the first two, the third episode of Ms. Marvel also doesn’t live up to the required standards of gluing screenplay. It is bland and boring, while it tries hard to come up with excitement. The biggest hurdle for Ms. Marvel till now has been its never-ending attempts.

The show constantly tries to build up curiosity, thrill, and mystery through extraneous means. However, none of it seems to be working. It becomes fluffy at times and is unable to maintain fluency.

Final Word

Ms. Marvel is treading on a futile path now. The surge in drama seems to be taking the thrill away from the audience. If there’s one thing you can watch the show for, it is the storyline.

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