Have you ever had a dream? A really significant one? And then you had to give up on it because of an unexpected turn of events? I know most of you can relate to such a prospect. I am talking about it because Netflix has come up with a new film, Look Both Ways, which has ambition at its core.

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It is an American film and caters to almost everyone on the planet. Furthermore, Look Both Ways promises to be heartfelt and intimate. Is it so? Let’s find out.

Look Both Ways Review Summary

Finding strength in its narrative and screenplay, Look Both Ways takes you on a journey of exploration, realization, and introspection.

Look Both Ways Synopsis

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A well-planned life of Natalie is interrupted on the night of her graduation when she takes a pregnancy test. What awaits her is a parallel world of surprises and abeyance. All is not normal in this out-of-the-box narrative of dreams.

Directed by Wanuri Kahiu and written by April Prosser, Look Both Ways stars Lili Reinhart (Natalie), Danny Ramirez (Gabe), Aisha Dee (Cara), and David Corenswet (Jake) in lead roles.

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What Works for Look Both Ways?


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With the digital medium barged with a number of movies and shows regularly, a unique perspective is hard to find. When I began watching Look Both Ways, there were least expectations that it would bring a fresh idea to the table. However, I am happy that the movie surprised me.

The creators of Look Both Ways blend two hypotheses drawing different perspectives out of the life of a passionate young woman. It is then served with palatable ingredients entertainingly.

Imagine losing out on your dreams and also following your dreams and then being unable to hit the bull’s eye eventually. What Look Both Ways does is that it amalgamates the two scenarios and runs them parallelly for a wholesome experience.

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Look Both Ways comes with a mature narration, where the audience is not drawn just for the heck of it. It complicates things, makes you ponder, and still manages to be simple and adorable. Moreover, the storytelling is unique, which increases curiosity.


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This is the best part of Look Both Ways. The movie never fails to amaze you with its layered screenplay. Usually, it is about the past and the present, but this Netflix film focuses on the various possibilities of the future without actually unleashing the present.

Look Both Ways arouses several feelings from within you. It makes you warm, emotional, joyous, and lively and tells you the importance of introspection.

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Lili Reinhart is a gem of an actress. She plays the lead character of Natalie and grows onto you completely. Her performance is perfect and ideally suited for a carefree yet ambitious woman. Lili’s manifestation is like a formula in itself, which upcoming actors must analyze to learn how to be friends with the camera.

Image Credits: Netflix

Her expressions and body language set the tone for Look Both Ways. Moreover, her fine outing is at the core of this Netflix film.

Danny Ramirez plays Gabe in Look Both Ways and achieves what he sets out for. The writer gives him a restricted emotional appearance, which the actor carries with utmost prudence. There might be questions about whether he should have been given more screen time, but I think the format of the movie didn’t allow that.

David Corenswet portrays Jake in Look Both Ways, and he is nothing less than a winner. The charm he throws to the screen is phenomenal and how he aces every little detail is commendable. Corenswet has been assigned the role of a mood-changer, and he has that uplifting mien to dazzle the audience.

Aisha Dee, as Cara, remains glued to her core strength of being calm and limited. She doesn’t hold much importance in Look Both Ways but ably supports Lili Reinhart in her endeavors.

What Doesn’t Work for Look Both Ways?

There’s nothing that explicitly doesn’t come good for Look Both Ways. However, some people might find it a bit slow in the middle.

Final Word

Look Both Ways has several things to impress you. It comes loaded with the right emotions, a unique screenplay, and a captivating storyline.

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