Time travel has been a topic of immense allure and fascination for moviegoers. We have had numerous shows on the subject, and, interestingly, there’s an element of novelty and surprise every time. 

The 7 Lives of Lea is another tale that captures the protagonist’s journey back into time for a mission that seems superficial from the outset. Before a detailed version of my The 7 Lives of Lea review, here’s a summary for those in a rush.

The 7 Lives of Lea Review Summary

Netflix’s latest time travel show has an eclectic mix of mystery, suspense, and thrill despite logical fallacies. The 7 Lives of Lea will keep you hooked for the most part while sending some shivers down the line.

However, that’s not it. Read on to learn how the show fares against several aspects. 

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The 7 Lives of Lea Synopsis

Based on a French novel by the same name, The 7 Lives of Lea is a French series created by Charlotte Sanson. It stars Raika Hazanavicius (Lea), Khalil Gharbia (Ismael), Marguerite Thiam Donnadieu (Karine), and Theo Fernandez (Stephane), among others.

Its story revolves around Lea, who accidentally trips over a skeleton while wandering in the canyons. The next day, she wakes up in the body of Ismael, the boy who had died thirty years ago.

In the 7-episode series, she wakes up in the bodies of different people to unleash the reasons that led to Ismael’s death.

What works for The 7 Lives of Lea?


The show is set in two timelines, 2021 and 1991. When Lea finds a skeleton, she promises herself to save the guy who died. And she gets a chance to do that via traveling thirty years back in time.

What I liked the most about the narration is how it makes the protagonist capture social and materialistic changes. 

Thirty years ago, girls didn’t skate, phones had a different meaning, several modern-day slangs were like an alien language, and females were looked at with prejudice, among other things. 

Creating a conceptual base is one aspect and bringing it intricately to the screen is another. Makers of The 7 Lives of Lea ace both things perfectly.


If there’s one thing that can save a show from drowning, it is music. If there’s one thing that can accentuate a show’s performance, it is also music. Thankfully, The 7 Lives of Lea has a good presence of songs from the 1990s and 2020s.

Though there are no full-fledged melodies, they have an intermittent presence because of the plot’s nature. I particularly loved Overwhelmed by Royal & the Serpent. The recently released Heartstopper also had a great soundtrack to complement the storyline.


Speaking of the show’s plot, there are several positives to mention. Firstly, it hardly has any cliches, which is a good thing. Though The 7 Lives of Lea is out and out based on a book by the same name, interlinking subplots and executing the idea was necessary to ensure that those who have already read the novel remain invested in the series.

The show has the right amount of ups and downs, mysteries, background stories, and most importantly, a worthy climax. It gives you clues and potential culprits before throwing a contrasting impression to leave you in doubt.

Speaking of time travel, the first show that hits my mind is the German series, Dark. I have kind of started using it as a benchmark for new stories falling in that category.

The 7 Lives of Lea is nowhere near Dark in terms of twists and turns. However, keeping comparisons aside, this French show has enough to keep you glued.


The lead actors, Raika Hazanavicius and Khalil Gharbia, who play Lea and Ismael, respectively, have done a stupendous job. If Raika’s performance is the pen of the story, Khalil’s is the ink. The duo makes The 7 Lives of Lea a good enough show.

Hazanavicius appears brittle, but her strength as a performer is brilliant, to say the least. She is a mix of cuteness, determination, and resilience. In essence, her act hits the right chords to carry the series forward.

Khalil Gharbia ensures there are no loopholes from his end. He has the attitude to deliver a scintillating act and still stay grounded. Moreover, his voice was a revelation to me. I loved the pitches of his vocal cord.

What is all the more interesting about The 7 Lives of Lea is the performance of other actors. When Lea enters their body, they have to behave like someone with a split personality. The transformation Marguerite Thiam, Theo Fernandez, Alexandra Cismondi, Hubert Delattre, and Anne Azoulay show is unbelievable.

Those who follow artists and act themselves know how tough it is to play two different characters simultaneously. The entire cast of The 7 Lives of Lea is remarkable in that aspect.

What Doesn’t Work for The 7 Lives of Lea?

Just like the positives, there are some downsides to the Netflix show as well.

Easy Discoveries

This was a bit surprising for me. In one scene, Lea buries something underground, and when she travels thirty years into the present to check if it is still there, she finds it unscathed. The makers completely ignored the fact that it stayed underneath the soil for three decades.

There had to be some sort of withering or decay. At least, the covering should have eroded, but nothing of that sort happens.

If you observe the show in detail, you will find, at least, a couple of such instances.

Curtailed conversations

Some conversations in the show seem incomplete because just when they are about to reach the climax or melting point, things fall apart. At times, a specific conversation doesn’t look like going in the right direction.

I don’t know why but it felt odd. Maybe, because of a lack of depth. It is also possible that the dialogues were not carrying intensity.

Bland, at times

Despite a rousing concept, The 7 Lives of Lea occasionally feels slow and bland. The speed of narration is of specific concern here. A bit of pace in the initial episodes would have done the trick for the show.

*The following section contains spoilers.*

Frequently Asked Queries (FAQs)

The 7 Lives of Lea is based on which book?

It is based on a French book by the same name, written by Natael Trapp.

The 7 Lives of Lea Ending explained.

As you know, Lea had to choose between her and Ismael, and eventually, she decided to choose the latter. With this, she ensured her dad accepted his sexuality and didn’t marry her mother, which meant Lea never got born.

She writes the entire sequence of events in Ismael’s diary so that he knows how Lea saved him. 

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