In just seven months, The Tailor, a renowned Turkish series, has already completed three seasons, challenging the traditional pace of content release on Netflix.

The show gained popularity for its emotionally charged and suspenseful storytelling.

However, with each season comes the weight of heightened expectations, and the third installment is no exception.

Touring for the third time, The Tailor has eight episodes running for five hours. Does the Turkish series deliver once again and score a hat trick?

Read my review to find out.

The Tailor Season 3 Synopsis

Peyami returns home after an extended business trip, a journey not just about work but also an attempt to shake off thoughts of Esvet.

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What awaits him is a surprise from Dimitri that he must not have anticipated even in his dreams.

With the same creator and director in Onur Guvenatam and Cem Karci, respectively, The Tailor Season 3 features an identical cast as before, including Cagatay Ulusoy (Peyami), Salih Bademci (Dimitri), Sifanur Gul (Esvet), Olgun Simsek (Mustafa), and Alasya (Kiraz).

What Works for The Tailor Season 3?

If consistency was a marker, The Tailor would top every show out there. It has released three seasons in a span of months.

I feel like lauding them even more for they were able to present the current part’s precap at the end of the second season.

Dividing a lengthy series into multiple seasons, rather than cramming all episodes into one, is a smart choice.

Now, coming back to the question of how it fares, The Tailor season 3 manages to maintain continuity.

It takes the same characters, locations, and situations to finish what began in May 2023. You never feel disconnected from its plot or ambiance.

Be it character consistency or writing, the coherence in the making of The Tailor season 3 is visible. This time, it relies on a couple of analogies or fables from ancient history.

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For example, Peyami brings home a wall clock from his trip abroad. Interestingly, the clock doesn’t work but he is intrigued by the story behind it.

A French Duchess once fell in love with a German Colonel after her family had already betrothed her to someone else.

That’s when a clockmaker, who liked her, gave the Duchess the clock and told her that it would work till the time her love was alive.

When Esvet steps foot into his house and locks eyes with Peyami, the clock starts chiming on its own. In essence, it becomes the symbol of love for them.

Having seen a lot of shows based on novels recently, it wouldn’t be wrong to appreciate The Tailor for its originality, which now spreads across three excursions.

Moreover, the pace of narration is pretty good, leaving no question marks regarding the viability of the screenplay.

Additionally, the background score is high on stimulations. It keeps the tempo running smoothly for the kind of story season 3 portrays.

The emotional conflicts are not rushed and how friendship and love stand against one another is constructed with a bit more craft compared to the last season.

But this is not it, The Tailor season 3 has several downsides as well. Keep reading to find out more about them.

How are the Performances?

Cagatay Ulusoy continues to delve into the intricacies of Peyami’s character, effortlessly blending the intensity on his face with the mindfulness demanded by the role.

His portrayal skillfully conveys a subtle, concealed longing for love, creating a resonant connection with the audience.

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Playing Dimitri, Salih Bademci revives the dynamic approach seen in previous installments, where he maintained a love-hate relationship with viewers.

Whether or not you align with his character’s beliefs, the appreciation for his nuanced portrayal is an instinctive response.

Sifanur Gul portrays Esvet and her enriched appearance sumptuously drives your interest in the series.

The actress more or less delivers on the same lines as earlier seasons, which is a positive takeaway.

What Doesn’t Work for The Tailor Season 3?

The storyline finds itself perilously close to stagnation, residing dangerously near the precipice.

If you skip any of the first four episodes and continue afterward from the next one, you won’t feel like missing out on something.

The season primarily hinges on two arcs—the love triangle and Peyami’s revelation to his friend—leaving little room for exploration beyond these recurring themes.

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Unlike its predecessors, The Tailor Season 3 lacks the captivating storylines and setups that characterized earlier seasons.

Furthermore, Mustafa’s screen time is pretty short, which I think forced them to put more emphasis on Peyami, Esvet, and Dimitri.

If you remember, the series would blend Mustafa and Kiraz’s story in a way that made them a significant part of the happenings.

I understand the limitations regarding the couple’s prominence. Still, they may have added some new characters to alternatively shift the narrative from vengeance and situationally forbidden love to something more rejuvenating.

Another downside is that The Tailor season 3 contains too many buildups that simply don’t deliver fulfilling outcomes.

The background music would reach its crescendo many a time but leave you empty-handed eventually.

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You may also smell a lot of repetitions and might consider this to be a spiritual replica of the last season.

Be it the progressions or reflections of the tale, a lot of similarities arise.

If the makers are planning a season 4, they must have some sort of freshness to avoid making The Tailor a tardy watch.

Lastly, this installment goes down south when it comes to emotional connection with the audience. Neither the middle phase nor the ending is able to fill you up sentimentally.

Should You Stream or Skip The Tailor Season 3?

I doubt the latest season of this Turkish series will deliver on your expectations. Still, you can go for it if you are an ardent fan of The Tailor.

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