La Pino’z Pizza is a well-known chain of pizza in India identified for its delectable and mouth-watering pizzas. It serves a huge variety of pizza, from regular Pepperoni and Margherita to more audacious alternatives, such as Mexican Wave and Peri-Peri Paneer. They are popular for their considerate toppings and innovative combinations. Since its initiation, it has grown quickly and now has several outlets across various cities, including Delhi in India. It has evolved into a preferred place among pizza lovers for its persistent taste and quality. One specific feature of Pizzas delivered by La Pino’z is their size variance. They offer pizzas in many sizes, including regular, large, medium, and extra-large, fulfilling varied appetites and group sizes. Apart from pizzas, they also have various delicious dishes for all people. 

So, in this post, we will talk about the specialities of La Pino’z Pizza.

Different Food Varieties Available at La Pino’z Pizza

1. Texas BBQed Pizza

This is an extraordinary mix of onion, capsicum, and BBQ chicken. It’s topped with sweet BBQ sauce, red onions, chopped Chicken, a cilantro dash, and lots of cheese. In addition, the Texas-style crust is a sauce-filled crust loaded with garlic butter. On the whole, it is a true delicacy for non-vegetarians.

2. Exotic Tikka Pizza

What makes Tikka Pizza outstanding is the ingenious harmony of delicate, bathed chicken tikka slices that rest on a bunk of melted, gooey cheese. The juicy Chicken, coming out with fragrant spices, gives an uncommon twist to the pizza, developing a consistency of taste that will make you ask for more. Every bite is a blend of essence, from tandoori notes to the creamy affluence of the cheese.

3. Chicago Delight Pizza

This is a chicken feast pizza with chicken salami, chicken tikka, and onions. It involves three or five bases of a signature pizza, a secret pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and your pick of six or ten toppings from a large variety!

4. Non-veg Hawaiian Pizza

Nothing beats Hawaiian cuisine like smoked Chicken, dual chicken salami, pineapple, and additional cheese. An incredible mixture of grilled chicken pieces and pineapple undoubtedly steals all hearts! Prepared on a soft and crispy base of multi-grains, this felicity is topped with crumbly roasted cheese, corn, bell peppers, and jalapeno kick.

5. Indian Chicken Special Pizza

Have a Tandoori Chicken Pizza slice, a savoury Indian-style pizza covered with Tandoori Chicken. The Chicken is aromatised with an exclusive masala and somewhat scorched in the oven as if it came straight out of a tandoor! This innovative Indian pizza is added to chicken tikka, chicken seekh kebab, chicken salami, cheese dip, and onions.

6. Unique Meal Combos

There are a number of meal combinations offered by La Pino’z Pizza that are available for 1, 2, and 3 people. Some of them are:

  • Super barbeque, cheesy garlic bread and coke (sufficient for 2 individuals)
  • Chicago delight, cheesy garlic bread and coca-cola (best for 2)
  • Exotic tikka pizza, sweet corn pizza, cheesy garlic bread, and coke (effective for 2)
  • Exotic Tikka Pizza, keema and onion pizza, cheesy garlic bread and coca-cola (good for 3)

7. Quesadilla

The finest quesadilla is made using cheese and a tortilla. The tortilla is conventionally prepared of corn, although some current alternatives use flour tortillas. The cheese is normally melted within the tortilla, and more fillings, such as vegetables, meat, or beans, can be added for an improved smack.

8. Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is one of the tastiest amalgamations of garlic, butter, and bread. The fusion of butter and garlic creates a particular extract that is both somewhat sweet and pleasing. The butter assists in bringing out the garlic, and the bread is the best driver for the stew. La Pino’z Pizza’s varieties of garlic bread are English Chicken Garlic Bread, Chicken Tikka Garlic Bread, and Mutton Keema Garlic Bread.

9. Pasta

La Pino’z, such as Mexicana Red Sauce Pasta Non-veg, Americano White Sauce Pasta Non-veg, and Italiano Pasta Non-veg, serve a range of pasta. Mexicana Red Sauce Pasta Non-veg is made up of Exotic Red Sauce, Onion, Mushroom, Capsicum, Olives, Cheese, Chicken BBQ and Chicken Salami. Americano White Sauce Pasta Non-veg consists of a blend of American seasonings in your cherished Pasta like Onion, Capsicum, Sweet Corn, Mushrooms, Olives, Cheese and Smoked Chicken. Italiano Pasta Non-veg includes Red and White Sauce Mix, Onion, Capsicum, and BBQ Chicken Mushroom.

10. Speciality Chicken

In speciality chicken, you get hot and spicy wings and peri-peri wings. Hot and spicy wings are ideally smooth chicken wings with a hot and spicy boost, while peri-peri wings are soft chicken wings immersed in peri-peri seasoning.

11. Macaroni & Cheese

This food choice comes in two categories: non-veg macaroni and cheese (Quintessential chicken macaroni and cheese, la pinoz style) and smoked chilli macaroni non-veg (macaroni and cheese chicken with a unique smoked chilli flavour). These are the real delicacies provided by La Pino’z.

Final Words

Overall, La Pino’z Pizza has set itself as a top player in the Indian pizza market, recognised for its scrumptious pizzas, diverse menu, and outstanding customer service. If you are also fond of pizzas and want to try something very unique in Delhi, you can order from the above cuisine without stepping out of your comfort zone using Swiggy. Swiggy is an online food delivery platform serving authentic dishes to your doorstep within a less feasible time. So, don’t wait! Order now!

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