Imagine eating the most delectable foods while sitting amid lush valleys with a beautiful clear blue sky above you. Isn’t it lovely?

You could believe it’s all in your head, but you’ll be surprised to learn that it can actually happen in Gangtok!

Every step of the way at this magnificent place is packed with surprises for visitors. The exquisite foods here are just one of the many surprises.

In Gangtok, there are a plethora of excellent restaurants to visit, and the food not only satisfies your stomach but also your heart.

The cuisine in Gangtok will satiate your hunger while also delighting your taste senses.

I am here to help if you’re a foodie seeking information on the top restaurants to visit in Gangtok.

Not only is the cuisine delicious, but the friendliness is second to none. Take a look at the entire list and make a point of visiting these eateries on your next trip to Gangtok!

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Parivar Restaurant

It is a must-visit in Gangtok, serving the most authentic but delectable North Indian and South Indian cuisines.

You’ll find everything to satisfy your holiday needs, from delicious Dosas to Paneer Tikkas. The best part is that a dinner here costs between INR 100 and 200.

So, if you’ve been seeking South Indian eateries in Gangtok, your search ends at the Parivar Restaurant.

Roll House

If you’re looking for a budget restaurant in Gangtok, then Roll House Gangtok is the place to go. The Roll House in Gangtok is more of a kitchenette known across the city for serving the most delicious rolls.

You’d get a taste of everything here, from paneer and vegetables to chicken and mutton. So, instead of focusing on the interiors, wait to see what they serve you while you’re here.

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Taste of Tibet

Taste of Tibet is one of the best restaurants in Gangtok to dine in for Momos, Thukpa, and other Tibetan delicacies.

It attracts many people who want to hang out and relax with their loved ones because of the great ambiance.

Look no further than the Taste of Tibet Gangtok if you’re seeking a fantastic Tibetan restaurant in Gangtok!

Mu Kimchi

Try the best restaurant in Gangtok with a Korean twist! Yes, you read that correctly. The Mu Kimchi will provide you with a great ambiance while you are there.

The timeless sentiments that accompany this eatery speak for the overall positivity found here! This location will fill you with a deep atmosphere enhanced by the presence of woven wicker lights.

The restaurant’s great aura, combined with its outstanding hospitality, will leave you speechless.

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Baker’s Café

The street in MG Marg is lined with restaurants and cafes. Baker’s Café has an identity of its own in this crowded place. It tops the list of incredible restaurants in the locality.

It is regarded as one of the greatest restaurants in Gangtok, particularly for its freshly baked pastries. The delicious eatables available here can satisfy your sweet tooth demands.

Enjoy some local tea while cherishing a lovely afternoon surrounded by beautiful hills! Nothing could ever compare to such an experience.

Masala Restaurant

Head to the excellent Masala Restaurant if you want to feel at ease. It has a natural setting that makes you feel like you’re in your own house.

This restaurant’s specialty is delivering the best Chinese and Indian cuisines at a reasonable price.

If you’re considering skipping it off your list, make sure you prepare ahead before attempting the Dum aloo! This dish would never allow you to leave the Masala Restaurant in Gangtok.


This Gangtok restaurant is popular for its specialization in Thakali, the traditional food of the people of the Thak-Khola Valley in Nepal.

Also, it provides excellent value for money. Not only is this eatery recognized for its food, but it’s also known for its fantastic cocktails like Irish Monk and Sex On The Beach.

Thakali is one of Gangtok’s most well-known restaurants, thanks to its cuisine.

Tangerine Lounge and Bar

This Gangtok restaurant, part of the Chumbi Residency Hotel, is just a few minutes away from the famed MG Road.

It knows how to win the hearts of its customers by serving a mouthwatering selection of North Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisine.

Make sure that murgh boti kebabs and tandoori chicken are on your list of things to eat.

Café Live and Loud

Café Live & Loud is a great place to listen to music if it puts you in a good mood. It is the first and the most substantial live music venue in the North East.

This is unquestionably a must-see for fans of live music. The majority of the city closes at 9 p.m., but this diner stays open until 11:30 p.m.

As a result, it has earned the title of being the ‘greatest late-night gathering location’ for individuals looking for delicious cuisine and fantastic music.

If you haven’t sampled the food or experienced the boisterous atmosphere of Café Live & Loud, your journey to Gangtok will undoubtedly be incomplete.

Osm Restro and Lounge

Spend some time with your friends while savoring the delectable dishes prepared by Osm Restro & Louge.

You’ll not only eat some of the tastiest foods in town, but you’ll also create a lifetime of memories!

Every delicacy is at its best here, making it a sanctuary for foodies. Here you can try the lovely feeling provided by the cocktail drink Vompom.

Many customers who have previously visited this restaurant strongly recommend it. It’s a great place to stop for travelers looking for some delicious food after a long day of sightseeing.

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You will undoubtedly collect a bundle of memories when visiting the above-mentioned top eateries in Gangtok.

They would also add to the attractiveness and pleasure of your trip to this location. You will have a positive gastronomic experience whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian.

It’s incredible because Gangtok serves as a sheath for many eateries and bakeries, making it a gourmet hotspot.

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