Revenge sagas are no longer a new thing after over a century of filmmaking. Which was the last movie or show you watched based on the idea of vengeance? For me, it was Kleo.

Netflix has released a new American film, Do Revenge, which is unique in that it tries to produce revenge draped in the wit and humor of teen life.

Does it successfully present a comical outing that is also intriguing to some extent? Here’s my Do Revenge review, where I analyze certain aspects of this film on Netflix.

Do Revenge Review Summary

The versatile duo of Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes ensure an exciting journey of retribution after initial hiccups. Furthermore, Do Revenge has a sleek writing setup to keep you hooked.

Keep reading my review to learn what works and what doesn’t for Do Revenge, streaming now on Netflix.

Do Revenge Synopsis

Two different but similarly broken individuals team up to exact vengeance on their enemies. However, the twist in the tale awaits to spice things up.

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Directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, Do Revenge stars Camila Mendes (Drea), Maya Hawke (Eleanor), Austin Abrams (Max), Rish Shah (Russ), Talia Ryder (Gabbi), and Alisha Boe (Tara), among others.

What Works for Do Revenge?


Revenge is at the core of the film, which, obviously, comes as no surprise. However, the execution is nuanced to a great extent. The presentation doesn’t come across as lame or trivial though it might seem like that in the beginning.

Teenage revenge stories are usually overtly stylish, but here we have one that extracts only the good things out of a pretentious lot.

Plot and Storyline

It is essential to note how well the story has been plotted in Do Revenge. You are never exposed to even a hint of what’s coming up. Furthermore, situational comedy and juicy twists make things interesting for this latest American movie on Netflix.


Do Revenge creates an exciting rhythm using some invigorating melodies. As usual, I would only be mentioning the best one (according to me), which was Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish. The songs will give you a breath of fresh air if ever the film starts losing its grip.


Comedy movies and climaxes don’t go hand in hand. My general perception, arising from experience, is that most funny films have a substandard climax. As a result, I had no expectations from Do Revenge regarding its crescendo. 

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And again, I am happy that it proved me wrong with an unexpected twist in the story. Full marks, indeed.


After giving some thought to it, I have concluded that Do Revenge is written with an open mind and compact visualization. It provides time for the lead characters to create a space for themselves. There’s no hurry in reaching a specific point in the movie.

Moreover, Do Revenge doesn’t rely on puns and awkward sarcasm to tickle the viewer. Instead, it hits the iron when it’s the hottest to ensure only minimal effort is needed to create fun.


Camila Mendes as Drea works wonders for Do Revenge. She charts a path that gives mixed impressions and never allows you to judge her without a touch of gray. You would love her charismatic smile in one frame, and in the other, you would hate her for being extraneously happy. Camila’s gigantic onscreen presence results from her adept expressions and personality.

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Maya Hawke plays Eleanor in Do Revenge, and I can tell you she’s the best part of the film, with due respect to everyone else. The actress overpowers you with her natural instinct of behaving in front of the camera. Despite knowing what’s going on in the story, you wouldn’t be able to judge how she would utter a particular dialogue. Her persona is superb and how she aces all sorts of scenes is still a mystery to me.

Austin Abrams, as Max, does justice to his part. In the beginning, he would retain your judgmental instincts, but only time will tell how things turn out eventually.

Rish Shah reminded me of his role in Ms. Marvel. He plays Russ, which turns out to be a good reflection of his abilities. Though he doesn’t bring anything novel to the table, I guess that’s how it was meant to be in Do Revenge.

What Doesn’t Work for Do Revenge?

Initial Setup

The film faces several hiccups in the beginning. Many of you might want to leave the screen, considering how lame, predictable, and boring the story feels. However, you won’t be disappointed if you can hold on to the urge to skip.

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Only Faint Teenage Vibes

One thing I am entirely dissatisfied with is the teenage part of Do Revenge. The show hardly ever feels like revolving around school life. I think it has the material but lacks the soul of adolescent life. Senior Year, Royalteen, HollyBlood, etc., are neoteric examples of films that aced this aspect.

Final Word

If anything, I suggest you watch Do Revenge for its climax, which I felt was better than many recently released comedy films. And yes, for the duo of Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes.

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