Fake Profile (2023) Series Review: Intimacy Finds Suspense in this Romantic Series from Columbia

A new show from Columbia has recently begun streaming on Netflix. Though I haven’t reviewed many offerings of late, I am back for this one.

Fake Profile is a steamy romantic drama with ten episodes in its basket. The overall length of the series falls somewhere around six hours.

Netflix also calls the show ‘scandalous,’ so you can adjust your expectations in the same way.

Here’s my Fake Profile series review. I have tried to cover as many points as possible.

Let’s begin with the synopsis.

What is the Story of Fake Profile?

The show revolves around the complexities of modern dating and the unexpected challenges that arise when someone’s true identity is revealed.

Fake Profile follows the journey of Miguel and Camila, who meet on a dating app and embark on a passionate relationship.

Image Credits: Netflix

However, Camila’s world is shattered when she discovers that the man she fell in love with has been living under a false identity.

Created by Pablo Illanes, Fake Profile stars Carolina Miranda (Camila), Rodolfo Salas (Miguel), Lincoln Palomeque (David), Manuela Gonzalez (Angela), Ivan Amozurrutia (Vincente), Mauricio Henao (Adrian), Felipe Londono (Cris), Julian Cerati (Inti), and Juliana Galvis (Tina) among others.

What Works for Fake Profile?

One of the strengths of Fake Profile lies in its concept, which manages to sustain the viewers’ interest throughout its ten-episode run.

While the overall idea might not be entirely groundbreaking, the execution of the storyline is compelling, ensuring that audiences stay engaged until the end.

Moreover, the series successfully incorporates twists and turns, avoiding predictable outcomes and adding to the overall intrigue.

Its screenplay and background score are commendable, enhancing the dramatic elements of the story.

Image Credits: Netflix

The series effectively balances the pace, although it may feel a little dicey at times. Despite this, the overall flow of the narrative remains intact, ensuring that viewers are continuously invested in the characters and their unfolding story.

It’s worth noting that Fake Profile includes several intense and steamy scenes, which contribute to the show’s passionate and intimate atmosphere.

As a result, it is not a series that can be comfortably enjoyed with family members, but rather a more mature viewing experience.

If I had to judge the storyline of Fake Profile individually, I would not call it perfect. Still, it has the ingredients to suit a universal taste.

I also liked how the show delayed some mysteries, just enough to hit the right chord. Fake Profile doesn’t overwhelm you with revelations.

Instead, it gives you enough time to connect the dots before becoming completely predictable.

How are the Performances?

Carolina Miranda delivers a radiant and captivating performance as Camila. Her portrayal exudes a sense of intelligence, making her character feel alive.

Playing Camila, she showcases herself as a strong and fierce individual, adding depth to the role. She is the highlight of Fake Profile.

Rodolfo Salas as Miguel brings a blend of style and charm. With his charismatic presence, Salas effectively captures the essence of his character.

Image Credits: Netflix

He will appeal to the masses while engaging everyone with his aesthetic build.

Salas’ performance adds an intriguing layer to the dynamics between Camila and Miguel, enhancing the overall chemistry on screen.

Lincoln Palomeque delivers a calm and composed performance as David. His restrained depiction allows for an interesting contrast to the more intense characters in Fake Profile.

Manuela Gonzalez plays Angela and delivers an honest and authentic performance. Her portrayal brings a sense of realism to the character, allowing viewers to connect with Angela’s experiences and emotions.

All the other actors have done a stupendous job of making Fake Profile a decent watch.

What Doesn’t Work for Fake Profile?

I, personally, didn’t like the ending of Fake Profile. It is a bit over-dramatic and superficial, potentially leaving viewers unsatisfied or wanting more depth and substance in the resolution.

The makers left too much for the concluding episode.

Also, while the show manages to incorporate twists into its storyline, the abundance of twists may not work for everyone.

They can become overwhelming or even detract from the overall coherence of the narrative, making it feel convoluted or unnecessarily complicated.

Should you Stream or Skip Fake Profile on Netflix?

The Colombian series can be watched. However, you might need to adjust the playback speed, for it to not become dreary.

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