India is famous for its rich culinary practices, including dishes like Biryani, Moong Dal Khichdi, and Fara, among others. Kadhi, originating from Rajasthan, is one of the country’s most famous delicacies that carries the taste of magic.

I have devoured Kadhi throughout my life and have been a fan of its sour and spicy taste, combined with the delicious fritters or pakoras.

Here’s how I prepare the dish whenever I have a craving. My Kadhi recipe is simple and easy to follow. Moreover, I have divided the recipe into two parts, each for the curry and the fritters.


For Fritters

– Gram flour – 1 cup

– Water – As per the requirement to make a thick paste

– Green chili – 2 (finely chopped)

– Garam masala – Half tsp

– Red chili powder – Half tsp

– Salt – As per taste

– Baking soda – 2 pinches (to be added in the end)

For Curry

– Curry Leaves – 8-10 pieces of leaves

– Mustard Seeds – Half tsp

– Cumin Seeds – Half tsp

– Coriander Seeds – Half tsp

– Gram Flour – 5 tbsp

– Water – 3 cups

– Sour Curd – 1 cup

– Garlic – 1 tbsp (finely chopped)

– Onion – 1 medium size (finely chopped)

– Green Chili – 2 (finely chopped)

– Ginger Garlic Paste – 1.5 tbsp

– Coriander Powder – 2 tbsp

– Turmeric Powder – Half tbsp

– Red Chili Powder – 1 tbsp


For Fritters

1. Take the required amount of gram flour in a bowl, add all the spices and water, then mix them together.

2. Take a deep pan, half-fill it with oil, and heat on high flame.

3. Once the oil is heated, slow down the flame. Meanwhile, add baking soda to the gram flour mixture, and mix it fast in a circular motion for 30 secs in the same direction.

4. Now, with the help of a spoon, drop small portions into the hot oil and cook it for around 10 mins from both sides on low flame.

For Curry

1. Firstly, take gram flour (5tbsp) & one cup of curd in a bowl, and mix them well for 1-2 mins to make it lump-free. Add 3 cups of water slowly while mixing the liquid. Once done, keep it aside.

2. Now take some mustard oil in a pan & heat it on high flame. After it is heated, slow down the flame.

3. Add all the seeds (cumin, coriander, mustard) into the hot oil. After they start spluttering, add chopped garlic and cook until the color changes to light brown.

4. Now, put some chopped onions, chilies, and curry leaves into the pan & cook them till the onion turns light brown (5 mins). Keep stirring in between.

5. Now, for masala, take a cup of water, add ginger garlic paste, turmeric, coriander & red chili powder to the water & mix them.

6. Once the onions are cooked, add this masala into the pan and cook it for 5 mins on low flame. To ensure the spices don’t get stuck to the pan, you can add some more water in between, if required.

7. Now, slowly add the curd & water mixture (step 1) to the pan while stirring. Add some more water (1-2 big glasses) while mixing. Cook it until it gets to a boil on medium flame. Keep stirring continuously till the mixture boils.

8. Once it’s boiled, slow down the flame and cook it for 15 mins by covering it. In the end, add the fritters and spread some finely chopped green coriander over it.

9. Now, for tempering, take 2 tbsp of clarified butter or mustard oil in a separate frying pan, and heat it. Put one finely chopped garlic and three dried red chilies (broken into pieces). Cook them till the garlic changes color.

10. Spread this over the freshly made kadhi and cover it instantly. 

Now, your dish is ready, and you can have it as your lunch or dinner meal. It tastes best with rice.

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