Under Her Control Movie Review: The Idea is Marvelous, the Movie Isn’t

In a world full of TV and Web Shows, it is hard to find movies falling in the ‘thrill’ genre. Primarily, there are romance and comedy films released regularly.

Spain has a history of producing great content. I recently watched The Girl in the Mirror, Alba, and The Longest Night, all of which were from distinct genres. Again, none of them were movies.

Under Her Control is a new Spanish presentation on Netflix that promises thrill and chill. It was released earlier in the year in select European cinema halls. If you plan to watch the movie, here’s my review to help you make an informed decision.

Under Her Control Review Summary

Touted to be a Spanish thriller, Under Her Control is let down by a slow pace and weak script. However, there are some positives as well, which I have discussed in my review.

Under Her Control Synopsis

When Sofia finds out about her pregnancy, she decides to abort the child. However, an unusual agreement with her boss turns her life upside down. Will she survive the tragedy coming her way?

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Fran Torres, Under Her Control stars Aitana Sanchez-Gijon (Beatriz), Cumulen Sanz (Sofia), Alex Pastrana (Nacho), Vanessa Rasero (Cristina), and Pedro Casablanc, among others.

What Works for Under Her Control?


The Spanish series on Netflix has an intriguing concept to begin with. An agreement to trade a pregnancy is not new, but the incapacitation thereafter is something novel. The idea infuses a good amount of anticipation in the audience’s mind.

With an exciting premise, you would consistently await thrill and chill. However, the execution hurts Under Her Control badly.

Second Half

Most of the first phase of Under Her Control is used to build the narrative and create a setup. It ups the ante in the second half, and that’s when you feel glued to the screen.

Image Credits: Netflix

The movie improves greatly in the second half on the back of rousing background music and emotional fluctuations.


Cumulen Sanz, as Sofia, does a great job in Under Her Control. She ensures the character stays in shape and moves according to the plot’s ambiance. Sanz’s outing is mostly contained, but she comes good when the movie demands her to be intense and overt.

Image Credits: Netflix

Aitana Sanchez-Gijon plays Beatriz in this Spanish thriller on Netflix. She has the charisma required to present a rich and successful woman. Her expressions and dialogue delivery are well intended, and Aitana’s portrayal leaves no stains behind. Though I wanted her to be more gruesome, the script’s limitations held her by the neck.

Alex Pastrana as Nacho delivers an honest performance. There’s tremendous prudence in his outing in Under Her Control. Maybe, a little more elevation in Pastrana’s character sketch was needed to ameliorate the story’s potential.

What Doesn’t Work for Under Her Control?


Overall, Under Her Control has a dud execution to go with a startling concept. It never seems to bind you to the screen wholeheartedly. I feel the makers could have added more ingredients like conversations, moral conflicts, torturous inclinations, and a righteous urge from the protagonist.

You can allure the viewers with the idea, but you must ace the implementation to sustain their attention. Under Her Control fails to hook you with its dull storyline when there was a huge scope to be scintillating.


A big reason why Under Her Control fails to be your go-to thriller is its slow pace. Firstly, the film misses the initial thrust and takes a whole lot of time to set things up. Secondly, when the time comes, it couldn’t stimulate you with chilling moments.

Image Credits: Netflix

Yes, the lower second half covers the ground, but that’s not enough. There had to be more gory scenes to make the viewer feel for the character. If they knew this was not the case, the creators could have made the first half crisper and pacy.

Lacks Thrill

Netflix identifies Under Her Control as a thriller. However, it doesn’t feel like one. The movie is more of a shady drama than a mysterious thriller. A dull story and poor pace make you doubt its prospects from the beginning itself.

On the positive side, only the last 10-15 minutes have the much-needed tonic, but all is already lost by then. Or would you say, better late than never?

Final Word

So, should you watch Under Her Control on Netflix or not? I would suggest you can give it a go if slow-moving films are your cup of tea. Otherwise, you can avoid it.

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