When Maharani first streamed on SonyLiv last year, I didn’t watch it. My intuition said the show would be like the regular half-hearted political creations. I was judgmental.

However, when I got a taste of it a few months back, the first season of Maharani just blew my mind. Huma Qureshi had nailed it as Rani Bharti. Other actors were phenomenal, and the brains behind the series had done a stupendous job.

Now when the second season of the popular show on SonyLiv has premiered, I couldn’t wait but binge it in one go. Usually, Indian shows don’t have a good history when it comes to continuing the legacy of a famous series. Can Maharani 2 change it?

Enough of the introduction. Let me take you through my Maharani Season 2 review so that you know how well or poorly it performs. 

Maharani Season 2 Review Summary

With politics at its heart, Maharani season two ameliorates the feel and the thunder of the first season. The show throws new elements into the same premise to intrigue you further. 

However, it is not void of bloopers. Keep reading to know what works and what doesn’t for Maharani season 2.

Maharani Season 2 Synopsis

After eight months of sending Bheema Bharti to jail, Chief Minister Rani Bharti, aka Maharani, is facing trouble handling the Bihar government. While Bheema is running a proxy government from inside the prison, lawlessness is rising in the state.

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How will Rani Bharti manage the plethora of duties bestowed upon her as the opposition parties ready themselves for the next elections?

Directed by multiple filmmakers, Maharani 2 stars Huma Qureshi (Rani Bharti), Sohum Shah (Bheema Bharti), Amit Sial (Naveen Kumar), Vineet Kumar (Gauri Shankar), Pramod Pathak (S.N. Mishra), Kani Kusruti (Kaveri Sreedharan), Atul Tiwari (Govardhan Das), DIbyendu Bhattacharya (Martin), Sushil Pandey (Kunwar Singh), Ashique Hussain (Prem Kumar), Anuja Sathe (Kirti Singh), Neha Chauhan (Kalpana Kaul), and Danish Iqbal (Dilshad Mirza), among others.

What Works for Maharani Season 2?


A political show in India risks getting hounded on social media. Netizens are eagerly waiting to pull a particular scene to create controversies. However, Maharani season 2 efficiently sails past the dangers.

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By putting a female lead at the helm, it brings a new idea to the fore to tackle the rising male domination in web shows. The series shows how lethal politics can be. Most Indians can relate to the content. 

Moreover, Maharani is a show for everyone, i.e., you cannot divide its audience between masses and classes. That’s because the concept is acceptable and raw. 

Interesting Storyline

What’s an idea without a good plot? Maharani 2 brings to the table almost everything surrounding Indian politics. From casteism to religious polarisation, the show effortlessly blends sensitive aspects without sounding cruel or one-sided.

You would remain engaged and connected to the story throughout the runtime of Maharani season 2. Furthermore, the feel of Bihar from the 1990s will entertain you. Every element in the series is well-plotted to produce a compelling story for the screen.

Emotional Punch

Maharani season 2 has a superior emotional connect than the first season. The makers have ensured nothing feels repetitive despite the same surroundings.

Image Credits: SonyLiv

I think it’s more because India’s political scenario is dynamic to a huge extent. You can any day open the newspaper, and a new headline awaits.

Though I feel the lower-middle phase of Maharani season 2 lacks the fuel, the climax is awash with scintillating moments. 

Wholesome Climax

After a point, it all boils down to the crescendo. Opinions can be changed based on that. If one can ace the climax, they can possibly turn the tide in their favor. Maharani, being the phenomenon it became, might have lost it had the second season not honed the zenith. 

It mesmerizes you as the end nears and evokes the most sensitive nerves. 


Huma Qureshi as Rani Bharti owns the screen and the show. Her elegance and acting traits are extraordinary. She aces the accent, masters the mien, and powers through the thick and thin of the plot. I have never questioned Huma’s talent, but the extent of her potential was unknown to me before I first watched Maharani.

Image Credits: SonyLiv

How she carries herself with dignity and authority is commendable. With Maharani, including both seasons, Qureshi not only plays the character but also holds the baton for female leads in the Indian film industry.

Sohum Shah improves significantly compared to his performance in the first season of Maharani. Back then, I found him a little uncomfortable with the Bihari accent, but this time around, he shines pretty well. Shah brings more details to his act, leaving a thorough impact on the viewers,

Image Credits: SonyLiv

Amit Sial as Naveen Kumar is brilliant in Maharani season 2. I think he didn’t get much appreciation for his contained act last time around. Sial’s shrewd demeanor fits perfectly with Naveen’s character and never feels out of touch. Though he carries a whiff of grayness, you still want to adore his fantastic talent. 

The veteran actor Vineet Kumar plays Gauri Shankar Pandey in Maharani season 2. All that he does comes naturally to him. His dialogue delivery has a magnetic charm that allures and excites you as a viewer. Full of glorious moments, Vineet Kumar’s performance in the second season of Maharani is nothing less than spectacular.

Image Credits: SonyLiv

Dibyendu Bhattacharya plays a cameo in this political show on SonyLiv. And I wondered why I didn’t get to witness him more. He is so intricate that you would never want him to disappear from the screen. Dibyendu’s expressions have a tale of their own. He is one underrated actor who can be the king and the thief at the same time.

Pramod Pathak as S.N. Mishra once again triumphs as the kingmaker. His clever ideation is at the forefront of Maharani’s political setup.

Anuja Sathe as Kirti Singh and Neha Chauhan as Kalpana Kaul are the new additions this season. Both play distinct characters but make a significant impact on the plot. 

Image Credits: SonyLiv

Kani Kusruti plays Kaveri and overwhelms the audience with a restricted performance. I wanted her character to grow more, and maybe, the third season of Maharani will make that happen. 

What Doesn’t Work for Maharani Season 2?

Several Bloopers

Just like the first season, Maharani 2 also has some poorly cut scenes. Also, there’s one colossal blooper toward the end of the show. I will mention it because I don’t think it would spoil anything. 

Here it is: Sanyasi served bhaang to Bheema Bharti individually. However, in the flashback, it is shown that he served him bhaang through a tray having several glasses.

Yes, the number of such bloopers in the second season is lesser than in the initial part.

Final Word

Maharani season 2 is unmissable. If you haven’t watched any of the show’s episodes, this is the perfect time to binge both seasons together.

*The Following Section Contains Spoilers*


Maharani Season 2 Ending Explained.

Thanks to Martin’s investigation, Rani Bharti finds the truth about her husband, Bheema Bharti’s death. On the day of Naveen Kumar’s oath taking ceremony as the next CM of Bihar, she barges onto the stage and takes the mike.

Rani announces that she is well aware of the facts of Bheema’s murder. Moreover, she launches an attack on all those involved stating her intentions of coming back into politics with more vigor.

In the middle of her speech, the police take her into custody for murdering Bheema Bharti. This is after the opposition leaders manage to prove with forged evidence her role in her husband’s death.

If you are wondering how she was framed then I must mention that a special team of CID officers was formed to find the truth behind Bheema’s death. Though one member of the team, Martin (played by Dibyendu Bhattacharya), was upright and honest, the other two had been specifically planted to spoil the investigation.

Because of their mala fide intentions and connection with the higher authorities, including the Governor of Bihar, Martin’s final report is not accepted. The two members do as they are told and mention in their conclusive report that Rani Bharti had planned the murder of her husband in connivance with her secretary and brother.

As Rani walks past the likes of Naveen Kumar and Gauri Shankar Pandey in the final scene, she assures Naveen of her comeback to avenge Bheema’s death.

I feel in Maharani season 3, Rani will try to forge connections in Delhi (Central government) to get out of jail. Moreover, the people of Bihar love her and it is possible that Martin’s report will be leaked and the police will be forced to reopen the case.

Another dimension can be that Naveen’s alliance will break midway and he will lose power. Let’s see what happens eventually in Maharani season 3.

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